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We are a team of professional game developers with extensive expertise in Unity. Alongside larger and smaller projects, we have developed several Multiplayer Mid-Core titles, a genre that is technically demanding. Our team achieves great results by utilizing

We develop
games for
key platforms:

Unity's architecture and features with our experience and best practices to bring together client code with backend solutions and protocols, which include:


Amazon AWS (including EC2, Aurora, RDS, ElastiCache, and S3)

ios, core,
Photon Server


MS SQL, Postgre
Mongo DB,
and Redis DBS


PUN, Forge
Networking, UNet,
Mirror Networking

Stepico is the best partner for unity development



At its core, our team consists of industry veterans who have worked in game development for many years. They are responsible for a lot of completed projects with different make-ups and demands, including winners of the 'Game of The Year' awards.



With our in-depth knowledge of C# and .Net, we are able to create highly optimized games that integrate seamlessly with native plugins, game protocols, and the backend services we utilize.



While narrowly specializing in Unity, our team has built an impressive knowledge of the platform that any client seeking our services would have access to. Years of working with Unity’s specific flavor of C#, and its integration into services such as AWS,, Photon, Forge Networking, and others gives us the confidence to recommend the optimum combination of tech for any project.


Our Development team follows all industry standards and best practices to ensure the quality, readability, and accessibility of our codebase.


We have a wide range of in-house solutions that are tailored for Unity; whether your project is a single-player or multiplayer experience.


These solutions have been tested with many different projects and environments, proving to be modular, reliable, and quick to integrate.


Why unity is the best match for your project

Unity is unparalleled when it comes to cross-platform mobile development. Unity provides one universal codebase to compile for most major platforms. It also provides easy access to native features, tools, and utilities via plugins. This allows for rapid and robust game development without sacrificing native platform-specific features.

It also includes a Robust Asset Store with a sprawling community and official support resources that all contribute to speed and agility in game development.


Cross-Platform Development

When providing outsourced development services, it is important to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. With the ability to compile games into native packages in iOS, Android (including Mi Store and Amazon Store out of the box), Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and even WebGL (for running in the browser); Unity offers a staggering level of flexibility without sacrificing performance or the presentation of the game.

Access to a native codebase allows for an easy way of expanding into platform-specific functionalities on any platform. This allows developers to cover all bases whereas custom game development may fall short

Infrastructure And Support

A thriving community with forums is available 24/7 for support with any of our developer's needs, whether it be for assets, game art, or the development of custom scripts). Official Unity Support channels are also highly available via email, text, and web-page.

Unity's Asset Store provides plugins, tools, and art assets that are ready to use, boosting overall development speed and reducing cost.

Development process

Development process Development process