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Blockchain Game Development 

Our team of professional blockchain game developers has 9+ years of experience creating customized blockchain games and NFTs. With a deep understanding of the blockchain technology, we deliver innovative and immersive gaming experiences that leverage the power of decentralized systems. Our experts provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring seamless integration of blockchain mechanics, smart contracts, and tokenomics into captivating gameplay.
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Our team of professional blockchain game developers has 9+ years of experience creating customized blockchain games and NFTs. With a deep understanding of the blockchain technology, we deliver innovative and immersive gaming experiences that leverage the power of decentralized systems. Our experts provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring seamless integration of blockchain mechanics, smart contracts, and tokenomics into captivating gameplay.

Technologies We work With

To cater to the ever-evolving gaming landscape, we offer blockchain-based game development using the latest technologies. Take a look at our tech stack for blockchain game development:

Platforms We Develop Games For

We understand the importance of accessibility and reach. Hence, our blockchain game development company creates games compatible with popular platforms: mobile and web3


Our team of skilled game developers excels in crafting engaging and interactive blockchain-based games for mobile platforms. Whether it’s iOS or Android, we leverage the power of blockchain technology to create mobile games, delivering unique gaming experiences that can be enjoyed on the go.


We enable seamless integration of our games into the decentralized web. Through Web3 platforms, players can enjoy our blockchain games directly in their web browsers, connecting with the broader ecosystem of decentralized applications and experiencing a new level of transparency and ownership.

Blockchain Game Development With Stepico

Blockchain Game Development With Stepico

We are your trusted partner in blockchain game development, offering a comprehensive range of services to bring your gaming vision to life. With our vast technical expertise in the industry, we provide end-to-end solutions covering every aspect of game development, ensuring a successful blockchain game as an outcome.

Full-Cycle Game Development

We specialize in full-cycle blockchain game development, taking your ideas from conception to launch and post-production support. Our talented team of game developers, designers, and blockchain experts work collaboratively to create captivating gameplay mechanics, an immersive game world, and spellbinding narratives for your blockchain game. We prioritize customization, tailoring the game development process to match your unique requirements and vision.

Game Art Production

Visual aesthetics play a crucial role in catching gamers’ attention. Our skilled artists and designers specialize in creating stunning game art that enhances your blockchain game’s overall appeal and engagement. From creating game characters and environments to UI/UX elements, we will add spark to your blockchain game with striking visuals and attention to detail.

Integration Services

Seamless integration of blockchain technology is essential for a successful blockchain game. Our team possesses deep knowledge and expertise in integrating blockchain mechanics, tokenomics, and other advanced features into your game. We ensure seamless integration, enhancing the player experience, enabling secure asset ownership, and promoting in-game economies.

Post-production Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the game development phase. In addition to developing games, we provide comprehensive post-production support to address any issues, introduce updates, and ensure the smooth operation of your blockchain game. Our dedicated support team is always available to handle maintenance, bug fixes, and improvements, allowing you to focus on engaging and delighting your game players.

Your Project Lifecycle

Your Project Lifecycle

At our blockchain game development company, we prioritize a client-centric approach. We understand the importance of tailoring the project lifecycle of our blockchain-based games to meet the unique requirements of each client. You can introduce changes to the game development process as you see fit. Here are the six steps we follow to ensure the successful creation of your blockchain game:

1. Research & Analysis

Our game design team conducts thorough research on the blockchain gaming industry. They analyze industry trends, client requirements, and other criteria to introduce an optimal solution, whether it’s a newly-generated idea or an adapted one.

2. Goal Setting

We define objectives and discuss tricky points to prevent complications during the blockchain game development process. Our game producer keeps track of the blockchain gaming project’s vision and business goals.

3. Production

Considering all criteria, our blockchain game developers build a game using the latest technologies. They are committed to scalable and maintainable architecture and fast development cycles. Our 2D and 3D art teams produce fantastic concepts and unique in-game assets. Our game art is guaranteed to attract the attention of even the pickiest players on multiple platforms.

4. Testing

Our QA team provides thorough bug reporting and quality control to ensure your blockchain game performs well.

5. Launch

When everything is ready, our DevOps team conducts timely builds. Then, we successfully release your blockchain game to target platforms.

6. Support & Promotiona

Our marketing team handles global reach and user acquisition to draw voluminous attention to your blockchain game. Our analytics specialists help collect and understand the metrics and make number-driven predictions. Then, our blockchain game developers and QA engineers run continuous bug fixing and launch updates based on user feedback.

Let’s build something together

Our 6-year expertise, talented blockchain professionals, and a vast portfolio of successful blockchain games guarantee the first-class gaming experience your players will get. We provide expert blockchain game development services, covering the whole game creation process, from ideation to post-release support. Let’s leverage powerful blockchain technology for your game together!

OUR projects

Loaded Lions: Mane City

Loaded Lions: Mane City is a tycoon simulation game where players create their dream cities and furnish their mansions. These are made possible with the Gold and Diamonds generated from their in-game land plots and businesses, running the gamut from banks to cinemas.
Additionally, players have the opportunity to get special prizes in the game’s Competitive Mode. The top 1,000 players in the leaderboard will receive special rewards, so the higher your ranking, the more rewards you’ll receive.



MetaPopit offers a classic escape room experience where each level comprises multiple rooms that players must escape to unlock treasures.
Each room is set in a different geographic location and time era, ranging from Ancient Egypt to a laboratory in 20782, and their combinations are randomly assigned to players in each game level.
Along with the escape puzzles, players can collect items in each room for special advantages.



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The Team for Your Project

We fully cover the client’s needs in blockchain game development. Stepico rapidly puts together a group of expert blockchain developers to work on your game idea per your request. In general, the team is made up of:

Project Manager

The Project Manager is in charge of clear communication and timely, efficient blockchain game delivery. They make sure that all specialists concur on the project’s objectives.

Game Producer

The role of the Game Producer is to aid in driving your blockchain-based game toward a release date. They carefully incorporate your wishes and requirements into the design, ensuring that your vision and gaming industry trends are lined up.

Game Designer

Game Designer incorporates tendencies in art styles and game mechanics into the blockchain game development process. They envision all game aspects, such as the narrative, characters, and visual aesthetics.

Art Lead

This person carries the artistic integrity of blockchain game projects. The Art Lead manages the technical angle of the art team, like task scheduling and distribution, game art processes, required tools, etc.

2D/3D Artists

Game artists tap into their endless creativity to create exclusive game assets. We’ve assembled only top talent for our in-house team that creates visual content for leading game distributors.

Tech Lead

Tech Lead acts as a connector between blockchain game development and art teams, ensuring that the art in a game engine looks and performs well. This job also covers animation & VFX, shaders, and lighting.

Blockchain Developers

These people develop and deploy blockchain solutions, write secure and efficient code, and integrate blockchain features into various platforms. Their expertise lies in utilizing blockchain protocols, such as Ethereum or Hyperledger, to build transparent, immutable, and decentralized systems.

DevOps Engineers

These people are responsible for boosting the efficiency and consistency of blockchain-based game development using automation. DevOps ensure that the game development team’s tools and servers are properly working.

QA Engineers

QA team oversees your blockchain game project and runs thorough tests to determine and eliminate any technical issues without negatively impacting production. No bugs or glitches will escape the sharp eye of Stepico’s QA team.


Video Game Genres We Develop

Stepico offers blockchain game development services for an extensive range of game genres. We constantly monitor the state of the blockchain gaming market, keeping tabs on popular genres and informing clients of our most recent findings.

  • Sports simulators
  • Action adventure
  • Strategies (RTS)
  • Puzzle games
  • Auto Battlers
  • Card games
  • Shooters
  • Multiplayer/MMO

We don’t limit your choice to the listed game genres. Our game development company can create a blockchain game in any genre your heart desires. Let’s talk about your idea!

What Are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games are digital games that utilize blockchain technology to enhance gameplay, enable true ownership of digital assets, and facilitate decentralized economies. Digital assets can be in the form of art, music, or even digital property. These games leverage blockchain’s transparency, security, and immutability to create unique gaming experiences where players can fully control their virtual assets and participate in peer-to-peer interactions.

There is a great number of blockchain-based games with millions of active gamers. Decentraland, Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and Guild of Guardians are among the most popular ones, delivering wonderful gaming experiences to players worldwide.

Are Blockchain Games Secure?

Blockchain-based games ensure security through the use of decentralized ledgers and cryptographic techniques. In-game assets and transactions are recorded on the blockchain, making them transparent, tamper-proof, and resistant to fraud. Smart contracts add an additional layer of security, as they automatically execute and enforce the rules of the game.

Why Outsource Blockchain Game Development?

There are several compelling reasons to consider outsourcing blockchain game development to specialized external teams:

  • Access specialized expertise: By outsourcing blockchain game development, you can tap into the knowledge and experience of professionals who understand the nuances of blockchain systems and integrate them into gaming environments.
  • Cost advantages: Outsourcing work to a blockchain game development company reduces upfront investment in hiring, training, and infrastructure while offering flexibility to scale resources based on game projects’ requirements. It allows you to focus on your core competencies while leaving the technical aspects to experts in the field.
  • Fresh perspectives and ideas: External blockchain game development teams bring a fresh set of perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. They have experience working on diverse game projects and collaborating with different clients, enabling them to introduce creative approaches to game development.
  • Focus on core competencies: By outsourcing blockchain game development, your internal team can focus on other essential aspects of the project, such as marketing, publishing, and community management. This division of labor ensures that the project receives the necessary attention and expertise from all angles, leading to a more efficient and successful game development process.
  • Access to the latest advancements: External teams dedicated to blockchain game development stay updated with the latest advancements, emerging technologies, and best practices in the gaming industry. By outsourcing, you can tap into their knowledge and expertise, ensuring that your game benefits from the most current and innovative solutions available.

Stepico is a blockchain game development company with 6 years of hands-on experience creating engaging games with decentralized nature. Our blockchain-based games combine cutting-edge technology with immersive gameplay, revolutionizing the gaming industry. Experience the future of gaming with Stepico and unlock a world of decentralized entertainment. Contact us today to discuss your idea and embark on a journey of innovation and success.

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