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Blockchain Game Development

The vast majority of online games today operate on a centralized model. It means that all data stored on a server is fully controlled by the game developers. Servers store the history of game events and game items that players provide, such as collectibles, character items, and virtual currencies.

Advantages of Blockchain
Technology in Gaming

A blockchain-based system can be used as a distributed database to verify and protect all kinds of digital data. The main idea is to take power away from the gaming companies and return it to the players. Thus, each player can have full control over their account and digital assets. Users can freely exchange these assets at any time.



We have the right professionals for every task. You only need to describe the project, and we will assemble a team of skilled specialists who will turn your ideas into reality. We offer both full-cycle development and the fulfillment of individual stages.



The visuals make any project recognizable and set it apart from competitors. Our experts will make bright and memorable game art for you in any style.



An intuitive and unique design is an essential part of any project. In the Stepico team, you will find the best specialists to get solutions that fit all requirements.



We offer support for the project to increase its efficiency and control quality.

Blockchain Game
Development Lifecycle

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Mobile farm game



Guild Of Guardians is a mobile RPG that will allow players to turn their gaming passions into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic rewards.

Game Tech Stack

Client-side: Unity 3D, C#, UGUI
Back end:, C#, AWS
(EC2,ElasticCache, RDS(PostgreSQL), S3, etc.)

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Benefits of Choosing Us for Blockchain Game Development

Our Development team follows all industry standards and best practices to ensure the quality, readability, and accessibility of our codebase. We have a wide range of in-house solutions tailored for Unity, whether your project is a single-player or multiplayer experience. These solutions have been tested with many different projects and environments, proving to be modular, reliable, and quick to integrate.

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We work with marked game companies

While working with major brands like Universal, BBTV, and Amazon Studios, we have gained extensive experience in creating admirable games and ensuring a perfect delivery pipeline.


Clients come back to us

Our clients are satisfied with our work, and 7 out of 10 returned to us.


Large team of professionals

Our team is composed of 200+ enthusiasts, and most of them have been working in game development for over five years.