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Live Game Operation

Going live into production is only the start of your game’s life. What follows next is an intense and time-consuming process of supporting your product for large live audiences that expect timely and high-quality releases, fixes, and a constant stream of new and exciting content. We can provide a dedicated team that will respond to your requests on the dot, ensuring precise requirements & bug collection, and prompt fixes delivery.
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Going live into production is only the start of your game’s life. What follows next is an intense and time-consuming process of supporting your product for large live audiences that expect timely and high-quality releases, fixes, and a constant stream of new and exciting content. We can provide a dedicated team that will respond to your requests on the dot, ensuring precise requirements & bug collection, and prompt fixes delivery.


Live game operations are an integral part of your product strategy – this is when you need to guarantee that your game stays relevant, captivating, and profitable as long as possible.

Access to High-Caliber Expertise

Finding a reliable partner with the correct expertise can help you make proper decisions with fewer blunders extending the service and profitability of your game. Stepico experts are just who you need for first-rate live game operation services.

Saving Costs

Outsourcing live game operations can help you tremendously reduce expenses. When hiring a LiveOps team, you don’t have to overspend on recruiting, training, or employee maintenance. When outsourcing, you pay only for the time our experts spend maintaining your project.



Player Communication

We constantly collect user feedback to ensure a good impression on players. Based on results of the research, our live operations experts competently create requirements for future releases and other aspects of community management.

Bug Collection

We actively gather bugs and players’ concerns and report them in a technically feasible way.

Content Planning

Our LiveOps team prepares content releases and timed events to drive engagement. We thoroughly plan promotional materials and strategies for your game, covering popular social media channels and other trendy outlets in the games industry.

Metrics and Monetization Approaches

We provide complete analytics and metric support for online games.

Server Administration

We offer the potential takeover of server administration and management, including extended analysis for possible stability improvements and cost reductions.

QA and A/B Testing

Our LiveOps team regularly implements new features and supports content development and deployment.


Choosing the right tech stack and platform is crucial when creating a game. Stepico uses only avant-garde technologies and develops desktop, console, and mobile games for widely used platforms utilizing the continually expanding expertise of our team.

PC Games

offer rapid development and steady post-release support for games for Windows and MacOS. High-quality art is what our PC games are well known for.


Unity is highly valued for its multipurposeness. With this engine, your game will feature advanced visual effects, customizable rendering, and fast porting.

Unreal Engine

This cutting-edge technology allows us to set our creativity loose. Hyper-realistic animation and stunning effects will undeniably make your game memorable.


Extensive hands-on experience allows our mobile game developers to create heart-capturing mobile gaming solutions. Our released games for iOS and Android are now at the peak of the popularity, bringing hundreds of thousands players on-board.


To add more immersiveness in your game, try our virtual and augmented reality technologies. Improved user experience is what will blow players’ minds.
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Mobile farm game

Nile Valley


Nile Valley is a mobile farm game in an antique setting with a unique combination of classic farming gameplay and an adventure component.

Game Tech Stack

Clientside: Unity
Backend: AWS Services, .Net Framework, ASP.Net Web API, ASP.Net MVC, SignalR, PostgreSQL, Redis

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Project cover image

Mobile fishing simulator

Fishing Rival


Fishing Rival is a top-quality mobile fishing simulator with a beautiful graphic style. This game combines the interesting adventure story of an angler and lover of sea legends.

Game Tech Stack

Unity, AWS Services, .Net Framework, ASP.Net Web API, ASP.Net MVC

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The more, the merrier! Try our services in bundles, enhancing the development quality, reducing time-to-market, and boosting your game’s popularity afterward.

Why Choose Stepico?

Your success is important to us. We are a reliable partner with 9+ years of hands-on LiveOps experience for games.

Transparent communication

Our tried-and-true tools and approaches ensure smooth and straightforward communication throughout the whole collaboration process, boosting our performance.

Rapid delivery

The skill level in Stepico teams allows for a significant reduction of time needed for prototyping and results delivery, speeding up the product/updates release. Your ROI will be reached more quickly the earlier you launch.

Risk reduction

Handing the live game operations job to an expert LiveOps team helps significantly reduce risks. We turn to agile methods and prototyping to ensure that all processes flow consistently, following all deadlines.

Reliable partner

Having a strong and steady partner by your side will help optimize post-production game maintenance. With us, you will not only have attractive features, fixes, and timed event releases but also increase the popularity of your game in the gaming industry and, therefore, its profitability.

Let’s build something together

With more than 9+ years of experience and splendid work under our belt, we can surprise everyone with our gaming solutions. Our game development team builds games that top the charts. Get in touch with us today to receive first-rate game development and art services and become two steps ahead of your competitors! Try out our expert LiveOps services and have your title ranked among top grossing games in no time!


We repeat projects for your pleasant memories. You definitely played games or watched cartoons with our heroes. We create characters for DreamWorks and Universal cartoons, heroes for games like GAMELOFT and IMMUTABLE, and masks for Snapchat. This is not an exhaustive list of our clients at Game Art Productions. The full list, you can find it below.
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How Will Live Game Operations Help Me Stand Out?

Have you played a game with a railroad campaign only to eventually forget all about it? Live game operations (LiveOps) are what will help your game stay at the peak of players’ interests for a long time. Constant updates, timed events, and special offers will keep them engaged and become a long-lasting source of revenue for you. 


Candy Crush actively uses LiveOps to provide limited-time offers, seasonal events, and launch episodes featuring stars (e.g., famous singer Meghan Trainor). This game alone earned $1.21 billion in 2021, making a considerable increase from the $77 million in its first year of release (2012), ranking it as the sixth-highest-grossing mobile video game ever. You can do that too!


With LiveOps, you will stand out from competitors who stick to the classics. It will allow you to constantly wow players with new content and cool features. Thus, live game operations are certainly worth trying.

How to Build a LiveOps Strategy?

Following your game release, the most crucial aspect of your plan is to pay attention to what users say. After all, the feedback will help you drive your game forward. Check your rating on Google Play Market or Apple App Store, comb through forums and social media, and monitor analytics platforms for all kinds of feedback.


The second step is planning and implementing changes. See how well your update performed by pushing your test live in an A/B format.


This is a skeleton of an actual LiveOps strategy. Usually, such strategies are selected exclusively for each gaming project. Stepico experts have an individual approach to each client, depending on their requirements. That is why, after a detailed analysis of the game and its processes, we choose the optimal bundle of LiveOps services that best suits a particular genre and style of the game. This tried-and-true approach has helped many clients attract new users and retain the older ones. Contact us now to try live game operations and harvest their power yourself!

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