Unreal Game Development

We use Unreal Engine 4 and 5 to build mind-blowing games with top-notch visuals. With 4+ years of hands-on experience building gaming solutions of various genres with this technology, we know how to create games that will capture hearts.

Our games feature stunningly realistic environments and immersive gameplay experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. Try out the potential of Unreal Engine with Stepico now!
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We use Unreal Engine 4 and 5 to build mind-blowing games with top-notch visuals. With 4+ years of hands-on experience building gaming solutions of various genres with this technology, we know how to create games that will capture hearts.

Our games feature stunningly realistic environments and immersive gameplay experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. Try out the potential of Unreal Engine with Stepico now!


Discovery is the first Unreal Engine game with spectacular art made by Stepico. It’s a first-person shooter featuring a space theme, otherworldly flora, and fauna. In our upcoming project, we leverage the power of Unreal Engine 5 to produce realistic art with stunning visual effects and adrenaline-pumping gameplay.
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Technologies We work With

Platforms We Develop Games For

We build games compatible with the most popular platforms to attract the attention of a wider audience. Choose the target platform you’d like your game to be created for:

PC Games

We build games with captivating gameplay for different types of PC platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux. With voluminous practice creating games using Unreal Engine, we offer interactive experiences for PC gamers.


Unreal is our game engine of choice when it comes to creating highly immersive games for consoles. Our console games based on Unreal Engine will bring you record gross revenue.


Our mobile games made with Unreal Engine boast high-fidelity visuals, powerful rendering capabilities, and breakthrough physics simulation. Let your players enjoy Unreal’s sophistication on Android and iOS.

Unreal Engine Game Development Services

Unreal Engine Game Development Services

We offer a full scope of services with the Unreal game engine, from game development to art production. Our in-depth knowledge of Unreal Engine, attention to detail, and intense dedication are three pillars of a memorable game.

Game Art and Animation

Unreal is considered the best engine for creating AAA game art, allowing the creation of games with avant-garde visuals. Our expert art team can cover the entire art production for your game on Unreal Engine, including narrative design, environments, characters, and gameplay prototypes. We also export characters and set up the animation for Unreal games.

Full-Cycle Game Development

We strive to revolutionize the gaming landscape with the unmatched power of Unreal Engine. Our pro art and development teams excel at designing and delivering captivating games, ensuring players across the globe won’t put their devices down. We cover every aspect of game development, from concept and design to programming and post-launch support.

Multi-platform Game Development

Using the power of Unreal Engine, we create cross-platform games for different platforms: modern consoles, PC, MacOS, iOS, and Android, providing immersive experiences that engage players on all devices. Our skilled team applies advanced technology to produce top-notch graphics and smooth and memorable gameplay. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different platform specifications, guaranteeing that your game will reach a vast audience and fulfill its potential.

Mobile Game Development

We use superior Unreal Engine rendering capabilities to bring smooth, stylized, and photorealistic experiences on mobile devices and make sure to use every bit of fidelity these devices provide. Whether you need immersive action, thrilling RPG, or social aspects of an MMO, our Unreal developers are here to unleash the potential of this game engine and bring your vision of gaming on the go into reality.

Game Porting

Want to move your game from another game engine to Unreal? Our expert game porting team not only can migrate your game between engines but also extend its reach to a wide variety of platforms. Say you’d like your PS5 game to be available on mobile devices. We can make it happen! Our professionals also offer a smooth transition between platform generations, enhancing and lowering your game’s graphics and hardware demands.

Architecture Visualization

Our professionals utilize the latest software to craft lifelike gaming architecture with detailed textures, materials, and refined lighting. With our strong expertise in Unreal Engine, you can take your players on a scenic walk through the famous streets of New York, the bustling markets of Marrakech, underwater exploration of the Titanic, and so much more.

Training Simulations

Reduce risks of adverse outcomes and financial losses for your business due to poor decision-making with our simulation games on the Unreal game engine. We meticulously design and tailor training simulators to put your team in a controlled environment, allowing them to efficiently train, strategize, and avoid costly mistakes when the stakes get high.

Virtual Production & Real-time VFX

Infuse your gameplay with a top-notch cinematic experience with us. Our experts use real-time technology by Unreal Engine to create interactive elements and highly detailed and immersive environments and implement innovative game mechanics for your gaming project. Stepico is where games and movies mix to form unforgettable realistic experiences. 



We use the flexibility and adaptability of Niagara to create complex VFX effects, e.g., dynamic weather systems, for your title.


Lumen lets us add hyper-realistic lighting and intricate reflections to the game’s environment without draining all of the GPU power.


This framework helps us rapidly craft and animate high-fidelity digital human characters for your project, almost indistinguishable from real people.


With the Nanite geometry system, we can utilize high poly models that won’t affect the game’s performance.


Our experts make the most of the potential of Procedural Content Generation, swiftly creating entire game worlds with further customization.

Your Project Lifecycle

Your Project Lifecycle

Our strategy is client-based. Therefore, the project lifecycle is fully tailored to the client’s requirements. You can introduce changes to the flow as you see fit. Here’re six steps we take to make a successful game on Unreal Engine for you:

1. Research & Analysis

Our game design team conducts thorough market research. They analyze industry trends, client requirements, and other criteria to introduce an optimal solution, whether it’s a newly generated idea or an adapted one.

2. Goal Setting

Our game producer keeps track of the project’s vision and business goals. We define objectives and discuss tricky points to prevent complications during the game development process using Unreal Engine.

3. Production

Considering all criteria, our game developers build a game using the latest technologies. They are committed to scalable and maintainable architecture and fast development cycles. Our art team produces fantastic concepts and unique art assets for games. Our game art, whether 2D or 3D, is guaranteed to attract the attention of even the pickiest players.

4. Testing

Our QA team provides thorough bug reporting and quality control to ensure your game performs well.

5. Launch

When everything is ready, our DevOps team conducts timely builds. Then, we successfully release your game to target platforms.

6. Support & Promotion

Our marketing team handles global reach and user acquisition to draw voluminous attention to your game. Our analytics specialists help collect and understand the metrics and make number-driven predictions. We run continuous bug fixing and launch updates based on user feedback. 

Let’s build something together

Our 6-year expertise, talented blockchain professionals, and a vast portfolio of successful blockchain games guarantee the first-class gaming experience your players will get. We provide expert blockchain game development services, covering the whole game creation process, from ideation to post-release support. Let’s leverage powerful blockchain technology for your game together!

OUR project


Discovery is our upcoming first-person shooter game, built on the power of Unreal Engine 5. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience like no other with our story-driven shooter set in the distant future of a far-off galaxy. You will land on a planet with breathtaking flora that evolved from sea life and undiscovered deadly predators hiding within. We promise an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed experience accompanied by a captivating narrative.



BIGFOOT is a survival horror game about Bigfoot hunting. There are 2 modes available: you can play against Bigfoot controlled by AI, or another player can act like a monster.
Eyewitnesses often mention its enormous size, incredible strength and elusiveness. For many years, researchers searched for a meeting with him, but no one could provide evidence of his existence.


The Team
for Your Project

We fully cover the client’s needs in game development with Unreal Engine. Upon request, Stepico promptly assembles an outstanding team of professionals to explore and develop your game idea. In general, the Unreal Engine team consists of the following:

Project Manager

The Project Manager is in charge of clear communication and timely, efficient Unreal game delivery. They make sure that all specialists concur on the project’s objectives.

Game Producer

The role of the Game Producer is to aid in driving your product toward a release date. They carefully incorporate your wishes and requirements into the design, ensuring that your vision and gaming industry trends are lined up.

Game Designer

Game Designer incorporates tendencies in art styles and game mechanics into the project’s development process. They envision all game aspects, including the narrative, characters, and visual aesthetics.

Art Lead

This person carries the artistic integrity of your project. The Art Lead manages the technical angle of the art team, like task scheduling and distribution, game art processes, various tools, etc.

2D/3D Artists

Game artists tap into their endless creativity to create exclusive AAA art for your Unreal game. We’ve assembled only top talent for our 2D/3D art teams that make visual content for leading game distributors.

Technical Artist

Tech Artist acts as a connector between development and art teams, ensuring that the art in the Unreal game engine looks and performs well. This job also covers animation & VFX, shaders, and lighting.

Tech Lead

Our Tech Lead is responsible for leading the technical development of the game. They work closely with the development team to ensure that the game is built according to the technical specifications and oversee the implementation of all features and mechanics.

Unreal Developers

Experts in crafting immersive experiences through cutting-edge technology. They leverage the full power of Unreal Engine and make sure your creative vision comes to life with stunning visuals, seamless performance, and unparalleled flexibility. Our Unreal developers are responsible for elevating your game to the next level of interactive entertainment.

Backend Developers

These people make everything happen. They’re the ones behind the flawless networking performance, good backend logic, and everything you can’t see on the front. Stepico’s backend developers are devoted to building a robust architecture for your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Unreal Engine for Your Project?

Unreal Engine is a powerful game engine developed by Epic Games, known for its versatility and stunning graphics. Created by Tim Sweeney in 1998, the game engine has been used to produce popular games like Gears of War and Fortnite. The first game built on this engine was Unreal, which was launched in 1998.

Let’s see how Unreal Engine can be your perfect match.

Game Size and High-Quality Graphics

Because of its high-fidelity and photorealistic 3D visuals, Unreal is the best game engine for creating AAA games and implementing VR. On the other hand, the Unity game engine works better for midsize projects and indie developers.

Unreal includes plentiful resources for making realistic graphic content, which adds to the game’s immersiveness. A powerful shading system, lifelike physics, and dynamic lighting are just a few of the features the Unreal Engine offers.


Without writing a single line of code, a game developer may generate complex prototypes and a lot of game functionality using the Blueprint Visual Scripting system of Unreal Engine. As a result, you can lower development expenses significantly. Also, this game engine is very flexible, so you may make it match your unique requirements.

Multi-platform Development

Software deployment and porting with Unreal Engine don’t require as much time and resources needed for alternative game engines. The variety of platforms is pretty astounding and includes PC, mobile, and console ones like Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS.


The reliability that Epic Games provides is one of the key factors that makes Unreal the best game engine out there. When creating games, Epic Games uses the same tools that are accessible to everyone. You can be confident that Epic Games’ toolkits and applications are unmatched because they are one of the top game developers and publishers worldwide.

Why Outsource Unreal Engine Development to Stepico?

Outsourcing Unreal Engine game development to us can be a wise decision for several reasons.

  1. High level of expertise: Our game developers have 4+ years of expertise in Unreal Engine game development, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the project. Every Unreal game developer at Stepico knows how to harness the power of this game engine and create games that’ll blow minds.

  2. Cost-efficiency: Outsourcing Unreal Engine development to us can be more profitable than developing in-house, as it eliminates the need for expensive equipment and hiring additional staff. Plus, we ensure that our services are competitively priced without compromising quality.

  3. Rapid development with ROI: Our high level of expertise working with Unreal Engine allows for rapid game development and time to market, which can lead to a faster return on investment.

  4. Dedicated team: We can provide a dedicated team to work on your project, which allows you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. Our team will work closely with you throughout the development process to ensure that the end product meets your requirements and expectations.

  5. Total transparency: We use various tools (e.g., Miro Board, Jira, etc.) to ensure transparent communication. Our Unreal Engine team always keeps our clients in the loop and is ready to address any questions or concerns they may have. This ensures that our clients are fully aware of the project’s status and can provide feedback when necessary.

Outsourcing Unreal Engine development to us is an excellent choice for businesses that want to leverage the cost efficiency, high professionalism, and faster time to market that Stepico offers. To demonstrate our skills, we are working on a new project ourselves – an AAA first-person shooter game, Discovery, on Unreal Engine 5, covering both game development and art production.

We strive to provide exceptional quality services to our clients and are committed to delivering on time and within budget. Contact us to start developing your own games with Unreal Engine now!

What Game Genres Can You Cover With Unreal Development?

Unreal Engine lets you develop any of game genres. We at Stepico are actively producing single-player and multiplayer games using this game engine, covering trendy genres, such as:

  • Shooters (FPS/TPS);
  • Action adventure;
  • RPG;
  • Fighting games;
  • Racing games;
  • Platformers;
  • Strategy games;
  • Simulations.

That’s not all! Our Unreal developers can craft you a masterpiece of a single or mixed genre, bringing even the craziest ideas to life. Try it out today!

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