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Nile Valley game

Mobile Farm Game

Nile Valley


Nile Valley is a mobile farm game in an antique setting with a unique combination of classic farming gameplay and an adventure component.

On the one hand, in the contrasting atmosphere of the hot desert and the cool shade of date palms, the development of a farm made of healthy grains and sweet fruits.


On the other hand — the advancement of the plot, the disclosure of the secrets of Ancient Egypt, capricious gods, and cunning merchants leading caravans from neighboring countries.

Game Tech Stack

Unity AWS Services .Net Framework ASP.Net Web API ASP.Net MVC SignalR PostgreSQL Redis

Client Goals

  • Free-to-Play game
  • For Mobile platforms
  • In Farming mid-core genre
  • In Ancient World setting
  • With reasonable (and quite high) connection with real history
  • With Adventure elements

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