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Mobile Game Development Services

We are a mobile game development company with vast experience creating, publishing, and supporting mobile games of every caliber – from casual puzzles to AAA simulation experiences. We can analyze the mobile game market, flesh out the idea, and provide high-quality services and support at every step of the mobile game development process. Stepico creates mobile games that stand out in the crowded app stores.
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We are a mobile game development company with vast experience creating, publishing, and supporting mobile games of every caliber – from casual puzzles to AAA simulation experiences. We can analyze the mobile game market, flesh out the idea, and provide high-quality services and support at every step of the mobile game development process. Stepico creates mobile games that stand out in the crowded app stores.

Platforms We Develop Games For

Our mobile game developers build mobile games compatible with the most popular mobile platforms to attract the attention of a wider audience. Choose the platform you’d like your mobile game to be created for:


Highly responsive iOS games by Stepico’s mobile game developers have the potential to engage billions of players around the world.


Our mobile development provides gorgeous designs, fun game mechanics, and responsive UI for Android games.


Why choose one platform when you can have the best of both worlds? We create robust cross-platform games using the latest technology.

Technologies We Work With

We use only state-of-the-art technologies for your mobile game project, making the most of what they offer. This way, we ensure that your game will get only the absolute best and surpass users’ expectations. Take a look at our tech stack for mobile game development:

Mobile Game Development
With Stepico

We believe the mobile game development company’s capacity to cover all the client’s needs in one project is the key to success. With our vast range of services in mobile game development, you can rest assured that all aspects of your project are fully covered.

Full-cycle Mobile Game Development

Stepico’s mobile game developers will handle all stages of your project, from the idea introduction to launch and post-release support, using the latest game development tools. Our extensive expertise in creating mobile games allows for the fast and efficient implementation of your ideas. Make a legendary game with Stepico’s top-tier full-cycle mobile game development services!

Game Art Production

Along with development, we offer the creation of 2D and 3D art for your mobile game, as well as smooth animation and striking VFX. We also ensure that all visual elements are expertly optimized for the highest performance. Vivid graphics by our artists will make a mobile game memorable and boost its popularity among mobile gamers worldwide.

Post-Production Support

We’re here for you even after the launch! Our mobile game development company offers comprehensive post-release support that covers gameplay enhancements based on user feedback, monitoring game performance, bug fixing, new game content, individual elements revision, and more. We’re by your side for the whole game development journey!

QA and Testing

When the game is developed, our testers expertly manage the quality assurance process, making sure nothing escapes their watchful eye. Thanks to their meticulous testing, all standards and project goals are always met, covering gameplay, device compatibility, overall performance, and other essential aspects.

Your Project Lifecycle

Your Project Lifecycle

1. Research & Analysis

Our game design team conducts thorough research on the mobile gaming market, including industry trends and popular games. Combining the obtained information and client requirements, we determine a category the future mobile game will fall into (a puzzle, platformer, board game, etc.), target platforms (AppStore, PlayMarket, Google Play Store, and other sites), and mobile game engine.

2. Goal Setting

We delve deeper into the meaning and “stuffing” of the game, outlining the game’s mechanics. Our professionals shape the vision of the mobile game project by defining its core elements, conceptual framework, and overarching theme, forming a comprehensive GDD. We also create a strategic monetization plan to provide sustainable revenue streams for you. Then, we set goals that our game producer will meticulously track, ensuring progress and addressing all tricky points.

3. Production

Our production encompasses the design of 2D and 3D art, including characters, environments, assets, and UI/UX, as well as prototyping and coding using the latest development tools and the chosen game engine. Stepico’s mobile game developers are committed to scalable and maintainable game architecture and fast development cycles. And our game art is guaranteed to attract the attention of even the pickiest players on multiple platforms. 

4. Testing

Our QA team provides thorough bug reporting and quality control to ensure your game performs well. They conduct A/B testing to refine the title and optimize performance. Based on user feedback, art and development teams hone graphics, animations, sound effects, and gameplay elements.

5. Launch

Before the grand release, we confirm that all guidelines and requirements of your chosen mobile platforms are met. Then, our DevOps team conducts timely builds, and we successfully release your mobile game to target platforms, promptly addressing any post-launch issues.

6. Support & Promotion

We provide robust post-release support after mobile game development, running continuous bug fixing and launching exciting, timely updates. Analytics specialists collect and examine the metrics to make number-driven predictions to enhance your title. Our marketing team handles global reach and user acquisition to draw voluminous attention to your mobile gaming app and keep it the talk of the town for years to come.

Let’s build something together

With more than 9+ years of experience and splendid work under our belt, we can surprise everyone with our mobile games. Our mobile game development team builds games that top the charts. Get in touch with our game studio today to receive first-rate game development and art services and become two steps ahead of your competitors!

OUR projects

Fishing Rival

Fishing Rival is a top-quality, mobile fishing simulator with a beautiful graphic style. This game combines the interesting adventure story of an angler and lover of sea legends


Guild Of Guardians

230k+ players on the waitlist. Twitter community of more than 133,000 enthusiasts. And the game is not even launched! Guild of Guardians is a mobile action RPG game that allows you to earn while you play. Check out the amazing aesthetic art style here!


Some Interesting Facts About Us

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Mobile Game Genres We Develop

Stepico team offers mobile game development services for a wide variety of game genres. We always keep a finger on the pulse of the mobile gaming industry, tracking trendy genres, best practices, and sharing our fresh discoveries with clients.

The Team for Your Project

We fully cover the client’s needs in mobile game development. Upon request, Stepico promptly assembles a team of mobile game app developers to develop your game idea. In general, the team consists of:

Project Manager

The Project Manager is in charge of clear communication and timely, efficient mobile game delivery. They make sure that all specialists concur on the project’s objectives.

Game Producer

The role of the Game Producer is to aid in driving your mobile game toward a release date. They carefully incorporate your wishes and requirements into the design, ensuring that your vision and gaming industry trends are lined up.

Game Designer

Game Designer incorporates tendencies in art styles and game mechanics into the mobile game development process. They envision all game aspects, such as the narrative, characters, and visual aesthetics.

Art Lead

This person carries the artistic integrity of your mobile game project. The Art Lead manages the technical angle of the art team, like task scheduling and distribution, game art processes, required tools, etc.

2D/3D Artists

Game artists tap into their endless creativity to create exclusive game assets. We’ve assembled only top talent for our in-house team that creates visual content for leading game distributors.

Tech Lead

Tech Lead acts as a connector between mobile game development and art teams, ensuring that the art in a game engine looks and performs well. This job also covers animation & VFX, shaders, and lighting.

Backend Developers

These people make everything happen. They’re the ones behind the flawless mobile game performance, good backend logic, and everything you can’t see on the front. Stepico’s backend developers are devoted to building a robust architecture for your mobile game.

Unity Developers

Our Unity developers convert imaginative game designs into clean code. Using innovative approaches and the power of Unity engine, they provide a compelling user experience with smooth game mechanics and performance for players.

DevOps Engineers

These people are responsible for boosting the efficiency and consistency of mobile game development using automation. DevOps ensure that the game development team’s tools and servers are properly working.

QA Engineers

QA team oversees your mobile game project and runs thorough tests to determine and eliminate any technical issues without negatively impacting production. No bugs or glitches will escape the sharp eye of Stepico’s QA team.


Why Should I Outsource Mobile Game Development?

When developing a mobile game, outsourcing is primarily about saving time and resources. Why is it crucial in today’s mobile gaming industry? With the growing competition, the need for rapid production rises, implying that the faster you launch, the more ahead of competitors you’ll be. That’s why more and more mobile game businesses are now relying on outsourcing game development services. Even industry giants like Ubisoft, Gameloft, Marvel, and DreamWorks frequently make use of this cooperation model. 

What do you get when outsourcing mobile game development to Stepico?

  • You save time. We take care of mundane mobile game development processes, creating a smooth workflow with clear communication to keep you in the loop.
  • You score a team of seasoned specialists. Our mobile game development company has spent years cherry-picking the best specialists with the right skills and extensive expertise in creating games for mobile devices. You’ll have proven top talent working on your mobile game project.
  • You cut costs. Time’s money! Thanks to their vast experience, our game developers will handle the production 2x faster. Plus, you don’t have to spend a dime on recruitment and training for the mobile game development team.
  • You get more opportunities. Say, you want to make a hyper-realistic shooter with advanced graphics. However, your app development team lacks the expertise or capacity to bring your idea to life. That’s when it’s a good idea to turn to Stepico!

We at Stepico use an individual approach to every client, taking into account all criteria and mobile game industry trends. Our expert team can create a casual game, hyper-casual game, mid-core, or even the bigger one of any genre of your choice. You can outsource mobile game development, art production, and testing or enjoy full-cycle game developmentwith long-lasting post-production support. Contact us to make a high-quality game together!

Are Mobile Games Still Popular?

The popularity of mobile games is not declining, and it certainly won’t be for the next couple of years. NewZoo predicts that there will be 2.7 billion gamers globally by the end of this year, with 2.5 billion that play on mobile devices.

Some are worried about the mobile game popularity downturn with the releases of new consoles and powerful PCs. However, you can’t take a console on the go. Portability has been and will remain an enormous advantage of smartphones over other gaming devices.

Hence, getting iOS game development, Android game development, or cross-platform game development services from a specialized vendor is a highly relevant choice today. We have 9+ years of hands-on experience creating mobile games that top the charts. Hire mobile game developers now!

Which Game Engine Is Best for Mobile Game Development?

There are quite a few great engines for mobile game development; however, we would like to point out two of the most popular game engines among developers – Unity and Unreal Engine. 

Both Unity and Unreal have extensive connections to the majority of commercially available software and can produce AAA-quality visuals. These engines also offer a wide range of tools for game makers, such as a terrain editor, VR Support, physics simulations, and others that help create a successful mobile game.

Unity has been considered ideal for indie developers and small to medium-sized studios for a long time due to its accessibility and affordability. Due to recent changes in their policy and a newly introduced runtime fee (see Unity Disclaimer), some may find the cost structure less favorable; thus, we would, unfortunately, eliminate affordability from its array of benefits.

Nevertheless, this is a game engine that allows for the creation of 2D mobile games as well as 3D, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mobile game development for a wide range of platforms. Its Asset Store and a large community provide a vast resource of pre-made assets and plugins, facilitating faster development. If your choice falls on Unity, we’ll carefully evaluate the mobile game project scale and financial considerations, making sure the selected features align with your development goals and budget constraints.

Unreal Engine is renowned for its cutting-edge graphics and powerful capabilities. It excels in high-end 3D visuals, making it the go-to choice for AAA game development. Unreal Engine is best suited for projects that demand top-notch graphics and realistic simulations. It offers unparalleled graphical fidelity and is favored by developers working on visually stunning and resource-intensive projects. It’s an excellent choice for those focusing on graphical “trailblazing” in their mobile games, whether a large or medium-sized company.

Choosing the game engine depends on your mobile game development idea and goals. You need to consider all must-haves in performance, graphics, pricing, number of available assets, developer & designer criteria, etc. Stepico’s game developers will gladly help you choose the engine that perfectly fits all your requirements and estimate how long it will take to create a mobile game of your desires.

Our mobile game development company has extensive experience in creating mobile games on various engines and development platforms. We offer Unity game development, providing robust and flexible mobile gaming solutions to well-known game distributors. We are also actively building the Unreal department, filling it with top-notch gamedevelopers with comprehensive mobile game app development knowledge and skills. 

Get in touch to get five-star mobile game development services. We will create your mobile game masterpiece.

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