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Animation Outsourcing for games

Our animation team can breathe life into your game and add breathtaking effects to make it spectacular. Stepico is a professional animation studio that offers first-class 2D and 3D game animation services, providing lifelike, perfectly optimized visual effects and making your in-game characters move smoothly and naturally. Outsource animation to us and fulfill your artistic vision in a flash.
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Our animation team can breathe life into your game and add breathtaking effects to make it spectacular. Stepico is a professional animation studio that offers first-class 2D and 3D game animation services, providing lifelike, perfectly optimized visual effects and making your in-game characters move smoothly and naturally. Outsource animation to us and fulfill your artistic vision in a flash.

Game Animation Services & VFX

Having extensive experience in animation outsourcing & VFX and a set of powerful tools in hand, our team can implement even your wildest idea. All our animated objects are unique and fully tailored to the client’s requirements. Stepico’s top-drawer game animation services will make your game stand out!


Make your game unrivaled with Stepico’s striking 2D animation. Our animation studio can design your 2D characters’ and objects’ movements no less stylishly than 3D ones.
Our 2D animation artists produce animated assets that are visually appealing and move smoothly and naturally thanks to their deep knowledge of the dynamics of character movement, environment objects, props, and sharp focus on the bigger picture.


Get a chance to fully immerse your players into the game with highly-realistic 3D animation services by Stepico’s skilled experts.
Using modern professional software, we produce character animation and add hyper-realistic movements to environment objects, props, and other art assets for projects of any game genre and complexity. With on-target animation techniques (shader, light baking, rigging, skinning, etc.), our smooth 3D animation will create an unparalleled atmosphere for your game.


Infuse your game with jaw-dropping visual effects. Good VFX is just what you need to enhance user experience and make your game memorable.
Experienced team of VFX artists from Stepico can add high-quality, lifelike visual effects like explosions, superpowers, clouds, raging fire, tornadoes, and whatever else your imagination desires. Our endless creativity and broad expertise will undoubtedly add a WOW effect to your game.

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With more than 9 years of experience and a portfolio with hyper-realistic animated videos, we can surprise everyone with our game animation services and guarantee client satisfaction. To make game characters look realistic and their movement smooth, we use precise realism shading or stylized shading in our animation services. Outsource animation to Stepico to add some flourish to your game!

Technological expertise

For any customer, it is always important to know what the game animation team will work with when implementing their idea.

So, we decided to show you a list of our technologies for 2D and 3D animation services. These are brand-new tools in the art world. Therefore, every experienced animator at Stepico has a wide range of possibilities for creating high-quality animation for the game art of any style and genre. After consulting with our specialists, you can choose what we will use for your animation project.

What Does Our Team Need to Create Your Ideal Animation?

Meet our proactive game animation team! These are the people who can make anything possible.

Art director

The person who shapes the mood and direction of the future project according to the customer’s requirements. They always control all stages of animation process and can make corrections to the animation if necessary.

Lead Animator

The Lead Animator plans, monitors, and assesses the work of the animation team and its contribution to the project. They ensure that the team’s work adheres to the established timeframes, quality standards, and artistic vision.

 2D/3D Animator

Our animators are well-versed in 2D and 3D animation concepts such as body movement, squash & stretch, anticipation, follow-through, overshoot, and others. Under the skillful supervision of their lead, animators fully and easily implement all of the client’s ideas using their deep artistic imagination.

Technical Artist

A Technical Artist works with game development and art teams to create engaging games. They combine and develop in-game engine artwork and animation into intricate game systems using both artistic and coding skills.

Our customers and results

We are trailblazers in VFX and animation outsourcing, using our 9+ years of experience and a pinch of imagination to deliver outstanding results. Because of this, companies like DreamWorks, Universal, GAMELOFT, IMMUTABLE, and Snapchat have all relied on our experienced game animation company to shape standout designs for their merchandise. Outsource animation services to us now; it’s just a click away!
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Frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions about animation services from our clients. So we decided to get them all together and create a unit where you could learn everything in detail.

What Is Game Animation?

The process of adding movement to all of a game’s visuals is known as video game animation. For instance, it could be the animation of inanimate things or video game characters. You can get game animation services from expert animation outsourcing vendors like Stepico. It comes in two forms: 2D and 3D animation.

What is a 2D animation? With cutting-edge animation software, 2D animation entails animating characters, objects, and storyboards in a two-dimensional environment to make them move. 2D objects can move in four ways only: up and down, right and left. A wider array of movements calls for a 3D animation.

What is a 3D animation? The method of making animated things in three-dimensional space is known as 3D animation. 3D characters may walk forward and backward in contrast to 2D ones, giving the player more options in the game. Characters’ personalities, moods, actions, and backgrounds are conveyed through more stylized and intricate images created by 3D animators. 

Additionally, due to the high user engagement rate, 3D animation is more striking and provides better income for game production companies. To get outstanding results with 3D animation (and 2D, too!), you have to hire high-profile specialists with an extensive portfolio. And we may be just the ones you need! Let’s talk about your idea!

What Is VFX Used for in Games?

Artists use VFX to make a wow effect for the game. Thanks to VFX artists, games have bam, wham, crash, and wallop effects. They make anything that moves but isn’t a character or defined object. They design superpowers, water, dust, explosions, and many more. A raging tornado, thick fog, or colossal explosion are just a scrap of VFX services artists provide.

VFX outsourcing is an excellent option for you if you’re looking for the WOW effect. Powerful Stepico artists can produce any visual effect you can imagine and make your game unforgettable!

Why Should I Outsource Animation Services and VFX?

First of all, you save time. When you outsource animation, it frees your time to solve other vital issues for your business. An experienced team will do its work faster due to the narrow-profile animation specialists there. Time is money!

Second, you get a dedicated team ready to perform whenever you need. Stepico has a wealth of experience creating top-notch 2D and 3D animation for different game genres. Our VFX and game animation services follow brand-new tendencies in the gaming industry. We are ready to bring your idea to life!

Next, as a company widely engaged in game animation services and VFX, we use only cutting-edge technology to make our animation as realistic as possible and bring it up to the highest standards, all for reasonable prices, of course.

Last but not least, you get fully-customized game art and animation. Stepico professionals promote direct communication, taking into account your every need and proposal at the very beginning of the animation project and along the way to create a unique product that will woo your target audience.

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