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We know exactly how to create your perfect art.

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Our animation team can breathe life into your game and add breathtaking effects to make it spectacular. Stepico offers first-class game animation services, providing you with lifelike, perfectly optimized visual effects and making your in-game characters move smoothly and naturally. You can rely on us to fulfill your artistic vision in a flash.

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We are equally filigree working with all types of animation. All of our animated assets are fully customized according to project requirements. We are proud of our portfolio of animated design production services. Our game animation outsourcing team uses powerful tools to represent the exact nature of an animated film, cartoon, game, and advertisement. Outsource animation services at reasonable prices to Kevuru Games and rest assured for the results!


An individual approach to each project and a creative impulse allow us to create vivid 2D animation that catches the eye for a long time.
The latest 2D animation tools allow us to set in motion a wide variety of objects and deliver impressive results to all our clients. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in various areas of 2D animation:


Thanks to extensive experience and skillful use of the most modern tools, our team creates impressive 3D animation that meets the highest quality standards.
Our 3D animation studio provides motion graphics services for creating animated objects that move as in real life, but which are easily implemented in games of any genres. We are experienced in using professional 3D animation software to work in different creative techniques:


Thanks to extensive experience and skillful use of the most modern tools, our team creates impressive 3D animation that meets the highest quality standards.
Our 3D animation studio provides motion graphics services for creating animated objects that move as in real life, but which are easily implemented in games of any genres. We are experienced in using professional 3D animation software to work in different creative techniques:

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With more than 8 years of experience and a splendid game art portfolio, we can surprise everyone with our artistic solutions. In all this time, we have learned to create exclusive characters just from the scratches of our artist. Get in touch with us today to receive first-rate game art services and become two steps ahead of your competitors!

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Technological expertise

For any customer, it is always important to know what will game artists work with when implementing their idea.

So we decided to show you a list of our technologies for game art. These are brand-new engines in the art world. Therefore, every experienced designer at Stepico has a wide range of possibilities for creating high-quality art for any style and genre. After consulting with our specialists, you can choose what we will use for your project.

What Does Our Team Need to Create Your Ideal Animation?

The team of Stepico game art designers grows and develops daily; thus, we decided it’s time for you to meet niche professionals so that you always have an idea of who you are working with.

Art director

The person who shapes the mood and direction of the future project according to all requirements of the customer. They always control all stages of work and can make corrections to the game art if necessary.

Concept artist

Creating high-quality sketches based on client’s descriptions and briefs for all the main elements of the game is the most important part of the concept artist’s work.

Leading 2D/3D Artists

Group leaders who work with 2D and 3D characters. For this position, we choose only seasoned artists so that, together with the art director, they can build a holistic vision of the art assets and establish effective communication with the whole team.

2D/3D Artists

A team of very close-knit 2D/3D rodents, having extensive experience in different art styles: from photo-realistic/realistic to stylized. These are all talented people with just the right set of skills for prosperous game production.

Technical Artist

It’s the most mysterious profession on the list. This specialist optimizes the illustration, namely digital files, so that they work effectively in any possible technical conditions. The main goal of their work is to help game developers meet all high visual design standards at every stage.

Our customers and results

2D development is an art that develops every day. And we evolve and grow with it. That is why we are trusted to create animated characters for the following companies: DreamWorks and UNIVERSAL, GAMELOFT and IMMUTABLE, and masks for Snapchat. And this is not all our customers in 2D development.

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Frequently asked questions

Our clients frequently ask us about 2D and 3D art production as well as VFX animation. So, we decided to assemble all the questions and create a unit where you can learn everything in detail.

What are the benefits of delegating your game art?

It’s much better to outsource your game art than do it inside the company. 

To begin with, it’s better to partner with a team working in specific fields, such as animation or game character design. This way, you’ll have a high-quality solution in the bag. Here’re some advantages of delegating your game art to a competent vendor:

  • Time-saving. Finding, interviewing, and hiring artists for an in-house team consumes tremendous time and effort. Hiring a game art studio helps you get rid of such arduous stuff. When game artists work on exclusive areas with you outside the company, you’ll be able to focus on your other projects and have more things done.
  • Cost-efficiency. With an external team, you don’t have to pay for in-house employee onboarding and maintenance. Often hiring game artists from Eastern Europe (e.g. Ukraine) lets you cut costs without compromising product quality.
  • Quality guarantee. After picking the right partner, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. Reliable game art companies like Stepico have been providing game art services to a huge number of companies, so they definitely know the ropes.
  • Flexibility. Working with a game art company allows you to scale resources up and down hassle-free. This also implies that the less exciting or repetitive activities may be simply transferred to the vendor, freeing up your internal team to focus on the tasks that are both more fun and crucial to the game’s success.

We are a trusted game art company in the game dev market with competitive 2D/3D specialists and strong enthusiasm for game art. While you work on your part, we manage ours – so feel free to occupy your thoughts with other stuff while we take care of your art! Contact us to start making eye-catching game art for your video game right away!

How to successfully delegate game art?

The most organized approach will be to partner with a game art company that will provide the required in-house artists for you, as this type of collaboration allows you to get multiple specialists at once. 

Here’re some tips for a victorious game art outsourcing:

  • Check the vendor’s credibility and reliability. You will want a partner with a solid portfolio and a good reputation, so make sure to check these two aspects before reaching out to a game art company. ArtStation and Behance are good places to start your search.
  • Specify your requirements from A to Z. The level of detail you provide in the project criteria will be one of the determining elements in the quality of the produced game art. Your chances of being let down increase as you make your standards for game artists more unclear, leaving more opportunities for deviation. So, take your time to establish the art style for the required assets and explain it in detail, providing specific examples.

Communicate a lot. We’ll never stop saying that communication is the key to a successful project. Communication is a crucial part of any collaboration. Hence, we advise establishing various communication channels, choosing the right specialists to get in touch with, and scheduling convenient contact times.

What types of art can you pass on to Stepico?

Stepico can bring any idea to life! Our game art company has successfully developed dozens of video games in different genres and art styles, which allows us to create custom art orders in all shapes and sizes:

  • Concept art. Visualize your idea and get inspiration with the help of Stepico’s concept artists.
  • 2D and 3D characters. Get unique and stylish characters for any game art style you wish.
  • Animation and VFX. Add eye-catching visual effects and smooth animation to your game with our specialists’ fine craftsmanship.
  • Locations & environments. Use the perks of having an intricate yet easy-to-navigate environment in your game.
  • Props & objects. Make your game even more attractive with highly detailed vehicles, weapons, and other props.
  • Textures. Get catchy textures carefully tailored to your game’s style and the models or environments you want them to be used on.

Stepico is your #1 choice for outsourcing your game art. We are ready to fulfill your business’s needs, relying on our vast experience in creating fantastic art projects. Let’s talk!