Fishing Rival is a top-quality, mobile fishing simulator with a beautiful graphic style. This game combines  the interesting  adventure story of an angler and  lover of sea legends


Game Tech Stack​

Unity, AWS Services, .Net Framework, ASP.Net Web API, ASP.Net MVC

Client Goals

Reach Top 3 in fishing simulator niche. Main competitors’ deconstruction showed up lots of opportunities for our game to keep players happy and revenue streams high. Marvelous meta-layer and a bunch of social features are the key pillars for success.

Stepico Solutions​

  • Analysed requirements and prepared a high-level plan for a soft launch
  • Created in-game unique characters
  • Created a game design documentation that feels familiar but at the same time is fascinating
  • Created a UI style so that it is intuitive and easy to follow
  • Used a technology stack that is efficient and secured according to project requirements