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We know exactly how to create your perfect art.

Game Art

Stepico is a highly successful and prolific game art company with more than 8 years of hands-on experience in creating outstanding game art for leading companies like Gameloft, DreamWorks, Marvel, and others. Our game art services include the pre-production stage, illustration, user experience, user interface, concept art, web design, 2D art, visual effects, 3D Art, VFX, and animation.

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Our ART services

Stepico is your trusted game development and art production outsourcing company. We offer a wide array of game art design services, including the areas of both 2D and 3D art, VFX, and animation.

Our game artists will create unique characters, fantastic environment designs, unforgettable concept art, and so much more for your project using the most modern technology and our endless source of creativity.


Others can envy our experience in creating 2D art. We have been providing game art services for more than 8 years, so we can proudly state that we are professionals in our field. From the concept art to promos, from characters to the 2D environment, our artistic vision covers it all.

  • Background/Landscape Art
  • Concept Art
  • Game logotypes
  • Location Design
  • Promo Art
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Our professional team of 3D artists surely knows their stuff. They create a variety of photo-realistic and stylized cartoon characters, props, weapons, and 3D game animation with a massive number of different programs.

  • Characters&Creatures
  • Environment
  • Hardsurface
  • Vehicles
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Game animation

Virtual effects are our virtue. Our VFX artists blend live-action methods with computer-generated imagery (CGI) and create a 3D environment, extraordinary characters, or other eye-catching features with cutting-edge special effects. Our VFX, 2D, and 3D animation services are the key to making epic games.

  • Animation
  • Lighting
  • Realtime VFX
  • Rigging
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Technological expertise

For any customer, it is always important to know what will game artists work with when implementing their idea.

So we decided to show you a list of our technologies for game art. These are brand-new engines in the art world. Therefore, every experienced designer at Stepico has a wide range of possibilities for creating high-quality art for any style and genre. After consulting with our specialists, you can choose what we will use for your project.

8 years of experience

Outsource your game to Stepico! Our game art studio has successfully developed dozens of games for every taste, allowing us to create any art style you desire. We guarantee quality work with no overhead costs and will meet all agreed deadlines.

We are ready to fulfill your business’s needs, relying on our extensive experience in creating the following types of game art: 2D character design, 2D/3D art, backgrounds, concept art, and various game elements. We have valuable experience working with VFX and animations, so we are ready to create anything! With that game art expertise under our belts, we are ready to bring even the wildest ideas to life!

Let’s build something together

With more than 8 years of experience and a splendid game art portfolio, we can surprise everyone with our artistic solutions. In all this time, we have learned to create exclusive characters just from the scratches of our artist. Get in touch with us today to receive first-rate game art services and become two steps ahead of your competitors!

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The team of Stepico game art designers grows and develops daily; thus, we decided it’s time for you to meet niche professionals so that you always have an idea of who you are working with.

Art director

The person who shapes the mood and direction of the future project according to all requirements of the customer. They always control all stages of work and can make corrections to the game art if necessary.

Concept artist

Creating high-quality sketches based on client’s descriptions and briefs for all the main elements of the game is the most important part of the concept artist’s work.

Leading 2D/3D Artists

Group leaders who work with 2D and 3D characters. For this position, we choose only seasoned artists so that, together with the art director, they can build a holistic vision of the art assets and establish effective communication with the whole team.

2D/3D Artists

A team of very close-knit 2D/3D rodents, having extensive experience in different art styles: from photo-realistic/realistic to stylized. These are all talented people with just the right set of skills for prosperous game production.

Technical Artist

It’s the most mysterious profession on the list. This specialist optimizes the illustration, namely digital files, so that they work effectively in any possible technical conditions. The main goal of their work is to help game developers meet all high visual design standards at every stage.


At Stepico, we create art projects that you will never forget. You’ve certainly played games or watched cartoons with our heroes. We’ve done numerous projects for companies such as DreamWorks, Universal, and Marvel. Our art portfolio consists of dozens of projects, divergent in kind and complexity, and the variety of clients we’ve worked with is stunning! Check out some of the partners and clients we have worked with below:

5 stars rating on Clutch

OUR projects


Guild Of Guardians

230k+ players on the waitlist. Twitter community of more than 133,000 enthusiasts. And the game is not even launched! Guild of Guardians is a mobile action RPG game that allows you to earn while you play. Check out the amazing aesthetic art style here!

Nile Valley game

Nile Valley

A mobile game with more than 100,000 thousand downloads on Google Play. Classic farm gameplay with farmland, crafts, resources, and adventures – the secrets of Ancient Egypt, harsh weather conditions, and cunning merchants – we’re talking about Nile Valley here! Have a farm adventure as a player or enjoy the game’s art, assets, and props.


More than 520 projects


More than 1,400,000 views


Over 65 artists who create art for your projects.


Years of experience in art development

Frequently asked questions

Our clients frequently ask us about 2D and 3D art production as well as VFX animation. So, we decided to assemble all the questions and create a unit where you can learn everything in detail.

What are the benefits of game art outsourcing?

It’s much better to outsource your game art than do it inside the company. To begin with, it’s better to partner with a team working in specific fields, such as animation or game character design. This way, you have a high-quality solution in the bag.

Secondly, you don’t have to waste your valuable time worrying much about the vendor’s staff and their game art expertise, which lowers the project’s cost tremendously. They have been providing game art services to a huge number of companies, so they definitely know the ropes.

Also, when game designers work on exclusive areas with you outside the company, you’ll be able to focus on your other projects and have more things done.

Our company is a trusted game art outsourcing company in the game development market with competitive 2D/3D specialists and strong enthusiasm for game art. While you work on your part, we manage ours – so feel free to occupy your thoughts with other stuff while we take care of your art!

Top tips for successful game art outsourcing

To fulfill your temporary art needs, there are several sources of specialists available. You can hire game designers for a short time locally or look for freelancers on the web. Without any doubt, the most organized approach will be to partner with another company or art studio that will provide the required in-house artists for you, as this type of collaboration allows you to get multiple specialists at once. You will want a partner with a solid portfolio and a good reputation, so make sure to check these two aspects before reaching out to a game art outsourcing studio.

What types of art can you outsource to Stepico?

Stepico can bring any idea to life! Our game art studio has successfully developed dozens of games in different genres and art styles, which allows us to create custom art orders in all shapes and sizes. Have your props and icons designed and your characters animated by our team of dedicated game artists. We are ready to fulfill your business’s needs, relying on our vast experience in creating the following types of game art: 2D character design, 2D and 3D art, backgrounds, concepts, game elements, and much more! Let’s talk!