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Game Development Services

Our game development company has been crafting high-quality gaming solutions for over 9 years. We deftly combine our prowess and cutting-edge technologies to deliver game development services, meticulously tailored to your requirements. Our team is passionate in developing games that captivate the hearts of millions players around the globe. Hire game developers from Stepico and start creating exciting games now!
Our game development company has been crafting high-quality gaming solutions for over 9 years. We deftly combine our prowess and cutting-edge technologies to deliver game development services, meticulously tailored to your requirements. Our team is passionate in developing games that captivate the hearts of millions players around the globe. Hire game developers from Stepico and start creating exciting games now!

Our services

We offer full-cycle game development, covering everything from creating concept art and visuals to development services and post-production support. Our expert game development team will turn your ideas into a fantastic video game, breaking ground in the gaming industry.


We provide game development services, adhering to hot gaming industry trends while keeping your video game exclusive. The broad expertise in creating titles in modern game engines and the passion of every game developer in our custom game development company guarantee a seamless journey from concept to reality, making us your ideal partner for bringing extraordinary gaming worlds of any genre to fruition.

Art Production

Art is the face of your game; therefore, it’s crucial to do it right. Our artists meticulously craft 2D and 3D game art of any genre and complexity. From characters and environments to props and icons, our art will make your game truly immersive. With an eye for style and attention to detail, we create realistic and stylized visuals that resonate with players.

Animation Production

Dynamic and spellbinding animations elevate your game’s narrative and gameplay, and our animation services do just that. Our professionals smoothly animate gaming assets to breathe life into your game. Whether it’s lifelike character animations or mesmerizing VFX, our animation production services add depth and excitement to the player experience.

Platforms We Develop Games For

Our game developers create custom solutions for a variety of gaming platforms. Each video game is scrupulously crafted to run seamlessly on the platform of your choice. Here are three key platforms we build games for:


We develop games of various profiles, from puzzles and match 3 to realistic games with top-notch graphics, delivering engaging Android, iOS, and cross-platform gaming experiences.

PC & Console

Our PC and console games use the full extent of game engines’ power. We create mesmerizing titles for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, providing no borders for your imagination.


Our games can reach your players even through web browsers. Customizable controls and high-quality visuals – we provide seamless player experiences available from anywhere.


To create a noteworthy game, we use only proven and avant-garde tools and technologies. Harnessing their full potential, we ensure that your game meets and exceeds expectations. Here’s what we include in our tech stack for your projects:



When working on game development solutions, we take a strategic and comprehensive approach. We thoughtfully outline and follow each project stage, providing consistency and transparency in our performance.

1. Research & Analysis

Our experts gather necessary insights from thorough research and analyze industry trends, potential pitfalls, and ways to overcome them. We work on a vision and target audience for your game and align goals. Then, we lay the foundation for a compelling concept.

2. Goal Setting

We further develop the concepts to make your game fully resonate with your target audience. Our team collaborates on creating visual aesthetics for the solution, outlining gameplay and mechanics, and forming a GDD.

3. Production

In this stage of our game dev services, artists and developers come into the picture. The production phase includes the development process, game art and animation production, and level design. Our development and art teams shape concepts and ideas into a cohesive experience.

4. Testing

Scrupulous quality assurance is vital for creating a polished product. Our experts run A/B testing, identify issues, and report bugs to ensure your game performs well.

5. Launch

For your game’s grand debut, we take care of both launch and marketing campaigns. Our DevOps engineers make sure your game is released smoothly. Along with the launch, we build an engaged community of players and a strong brand for your product and bring the hype up.

6. Support & Promotion

Following the release, our analytics experts gather essential metrics for insights and predictions while the QA team checks for bugs and gathers user feedback. We use the collected data for enhancements, updates, and timely events to prolong the game’s life.


We are a broad team of 200+ professionals dedicated to making your future game a sensation. Working with us brings about a number of perks:

Reliable Partner

We are a trusted ally committed to your success. Our consistency and dependability can be backed by a vast list of major-league clients, like Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Gameloft, Outplay, Immutable, Yggdrasil, and others.

High-quality Solutions

We offer innovative game development solutions of the highest quality. Our experts employ only the best practices and modern approaches. With leading technology and top-tier talent, we make games that leave a lasting impression.

Full Spectrum of Services

We cover everything from 3D and 2D game development services to art production and even robust post-release support. Our versatility allows us to provide holistic solutions under one roof, letting you launch your game ahead of competitors.

Cost Efficiency

Our game dev services are a bargain. Our carefully crafted pricing models and efficient processes help us deliver titles of great value within your budget constraints and without compromising quality.


Is Outsourcing Video Game Development Services a Good Idea?

Stepping into the unknown is a leap of faith, yet you can be generously rewarded afterward. Trying outsourcing for the first time might feel frightening, but a trusted partner will help you safely tread this uncharted territory.

When you hire a good game development studio, outsourcing brings a number of fruitful benefits:

  • Fast Time-to-Market. Delegating development and/or art production allows for tandem work with the vendor. Hence, you speed up the game development process, reducing the time to launch and boosting your ROI.
  • Access to Expertise. Outsourcing lets you tap into specialized expertise you may not have in-house. Thus, you use the necessary resources without the need to hire any specialists on a permanent basis.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing is a cost-effective option when you look for 2D and 3D game development services nearshore/offshore. You can choose a region with lower labor costs than yours but with the same quality of provided gaming solutions, e.g., Ukraine or Poland.
  • Flexibility. When working with a gamedev partner, you can increase and decrease the size of the game development and art production teams as your requirements change.

However, outsourcing could become a disaster if you pick an unreliable partner. You may encounter communication and quality problems as well as burdensome delays.

So yes, outsourcing is a good idea, but only if you choose the proper game development studio. Stepico might be just who you’re looking for!

We have been developing mobile, web, console, and PC games for over 9 years. Our game development experts create titles of different caliber, from casual games to large projects. A little match 3 or an expansive role-playing game? Or maybe a first-person shooter with hyper-realistic art? The choice is yours!


Have a game in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

How Long Does It Take To Develop a Video Game?

Games of different complexity require various development timeframes. What also influences the time it takes to develop a title is the team’s size, project scope, game length, target platforms, and funding.

Suppose you have an average size team and sufficient funding; how much time would you need?

Small and Indie Games

If you’re aiming for small and indie titles, such as puzzle games, match 3, or platformers, note

that they have simple mechanics and visuals; therefore, they don’t take much time to develop. Commonly, game developers spend from a few months to a year to create one. For example, Candy Crush, a match 3 puzzle game for mobile, had its soft launch a year after the start of development.

Mid-Sized and Genre-Specific Games

These games have more detailed visuals and more complex gameplay mechanics that make them longer to create. Mid-sized games can be narrative-driven, offer non-linear gameplay, or be a mix of the first two. As for genres, these titles can debut as role-playing games, action adventures, platformers, simulations, survival games, and so much more.

Medium-sized video game dev services usually require 1 to 3 years of development. A Way Out, an action-adventure game, took approximately 3 years to make.

AAA and Highly Complex Games

Such titles feature intricate gameplay, highly advanced graphics, expansive worlds, and immersive narratives. Like mid-sized, AAA games can be linear (narrative-driven adventures like The Last of Us or action-packed journeys like Uncharted), non-linear (open-world epics like The Witcher 3 or sandbox adventures like Grand Theft Auto V), or hybrid (structured open worlds like Horizon Forbidden West or player-driven experiences like Cyberpunk 2077).

Highly complex 3D games call for 3-5+ years to build. The creation of Horizon Forbidden West lasted for 5 years, and The Last of Us was being developed for a bit more.

If you want to create a game of any size and complexity, Stepico is your best choice! Our wide range of game development services allows you to unleash your imagination fully. Get in touch to get a team of expert game developers for your project right away!

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