Hover World


This game plunges players into a vibrant, fast-paced world, where they zoom past opponents on a stylish board, grabbing boosters and overcoming obstacles on their way. Hover World introduces multiplayer mode, allowing friends to spice their party up with lively racing.

Outlandish locations, stylish characters, loyal pet companions, fierce opponents, hoverboard upgrades, and tricky traps – these are just a glimpse of what Hover World offers, with even more in store.

Game Tech Stack

Unity 3D, Photoshop, Blender, .NET, 3DCoat

Client’s Goals

The goal was to create an exciting hoverboard riding experience with friends in multiplayer mode, available anytime. We aimed to make each location structure unique, with its own set of mechanics. 

Stepico Solutions

  • Full-cycle game development
  • Game design and 3D art creation
  • Meticulous testing
  • 2D art assets for game promotion