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Ways of game development outsourcing

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Development of high quality games requires lots of money and a squad of various specialists. The more workers you hire, the higher the production budget becomes. In case you are working on some projects at the same time or wish to add the newest technologies, you may lack resources. Outsourcing solves all these issues.

Transferring some pieces of work to another corporation allows you to assign resources, save money and time, and get a better product in the end. Here you will find prepared detailed instructions with answers to frequently asked questions.

Types of game outsourcing 

game development outsourcing services

You can also delegate in different ways by outsourcing full-cycle development to a company, outsourcing some tasks to an external team, or hiring freelance developers. Let’s look at all the options in detail.

Full-cycle game development on outsourcing

This way can be used even if you are creating your very first game. You will get more profit in such a way than by finding, hiring, and supporting the development team. You will constantly have access to the best technical and intellectual resources. For example, the Stepico team includes 150+ specialists of various profiles: developers, designers, artists, etc. And we have great experience in game development.

Delegation of individual parts of the game project

This one is suitable for game development companies. Dividing some tasks between other companies will help to strengthen your project with new technologies, add impressive graphics, or speed up the development process. This approach will allow you to distribute resources and get great results in a shorter period of time.

Freelance Game Developers

The difference between game outsourcing companies with all the necessary specialists and freelance game developers is that the latter work with different employers. If you want to assemble a team of freelancers, you will have to find and coordinate them yourself. However, this option helps you to fill in the missing resources if you do not have enough specialists of a certain profile.

Advantages of game outsourcing

Advantages of game outsourcing


You will spend less money on outsourcing development rather than hiring a team of individual employees. You will pay only for the working hours of specialists of the required profile.

Well-established processes

In professional game development companies, all processes and stages of development have already been worked out to the smallest detail. You do not have to build them by yourself.

Faster development

The delegation of tasks will allow you to speed up the development of your project. A well-coordinated team will work on all stages of development faster.

The best equipment and abilities

Outsourcing companies employ a whole team of specialists and have all the technical resources. You’ll get access to this at a much favorable price than if you put it all together yourself.

Advantages of Ukrainian game development outsourcing

Picking up the country for outsourcing also plays a great role in game development. When choosing a company, you should pay attention to budget, time zone, connection quality, and other aspects of usability. The cultural aspect is also important: for games with a certain setting, it is better to involve the appropriate specialists.

But mainly, game development is an international process. So, if the game does not have specific cultural characteristics, it is best to look at a company portfolio. There are many talented professionals in Ukraine who make games known all over the world. Among them are large AAA projects, as well as more niche, but no less popular ones.

Now the world’s IT companies are divided into three main camps in their attitude to employees and customers:

  • Those who rush to leave the toxic market with minimal losses. Russian workers are changing locations, and companies are taking their contracts to foreign markets.
  • Developers who are rethinking their priorities after their own company’s reaction. Here you can already see if the values of workers overlap with the values of the company.
  • The gaming sector is belarus, russia, and Ukraine. Now you can see how large russian and belarusian companies have faced difficulties working with the outside world, opening the opportunity for Ukrainian studios to prove themselves even more.

One of Stepico’s major accomplishments to date is that we have kept more than 90% of the company operational, maintained collaboration with all of our partners, and engaged our partners to fund Ukraine’s humanitarian needs.

The gaming sector is getting bigger and developing in Ukraine annually. In our companies, especially in Stepico, the production of games of any level is established. Things such as convenient geographical location, well-established business structure, and a huge number of professionals make Ukraine one of the best destinations for outsourcing mobile game development.

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What is the price of outsourcing game development

The tariff of development is not the same for everyone and depends on the difficulty of the project, the required equipment, the number of employees in the team, etc. We can not talk about the exact price because it is affected by many factors. Find out more about game development costs.

It is highly recommended to write a description of the project that will help you estimate its cost and then contact the game development companies to get more accurate data. You can also fill out the form on our website and get a precise answer to your question.

Steps to outsource game project  

game outsource

Step 1: Describe the idea

Firstly, put together all the details of the project. You can create a Game Design Document (GDD) and contact an outsourcing company with it or look for the right specialists.

Step 2: Choose a contractor and a way of cooperation

Taking a look at all possible choices and finding the most suitable one will allow you to create a good project. Learn the portfolio, ask questions, compare approaches to work, etc.

Step 3: Sign an agreement

Right after choosing the company you should conclude a contract, where all details are described, starting from the concept of the game, tools and the team and ending with testing, deadlines and data protection.

Jumping-off point for your gaming project

By choosing an outsourcing game development, you will have a squad of genuine experienced professionals at your disposal and will be able to start working on your project in the shortest possible time. Outsourcing is a method to create a project without being worried about any risks and costs compared to finding and hiring a team on your own.

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