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Video game marketing: How to promote a mobile game

Your game can be fantastic. But if you don’t know how video game marketing is working and don’t promote it, no one will know about it. Any game needs a promotion, especially a mobile one. But just launching an ad is not enough. If you don’t want to make mistakes and learn more about mobile game marketing strategies, read this.

What You Can Do For Free

Yes, competent promotion is not only about money. If you want to reach maximum effect with your ads, you need to take a few steps before getting started. And the first of them is a competent presentation of your project.

ASO In The App Store And Google Play

Before inviting users to the download page, make sure that you have correctly filled it. It will help you to present the game and also generate free user traffic. Do not forget that many players are looking for new entertainment using keywords. And if there are enough of them in the description, then the chances that a new user will find your game increases.

The correctly filled card contains:

  • keywords in title and description;
  • localized text;
  • captivating screenshots and video trailers.

Remember that the game is greeted precisely by the screenshots. Even if your gameplay is super addicting, players won’t know about it if they don’t download the game. So choose the most spectacular and colorful frames that catch your eye. And be sure to add a video.

Do not use enhanced content. The picture must fully convey what the player will see in the game. Otherwise, you will face an unpleasant situation from the “expectation/reality” series – and you will receive a sea of negative reviews. Of course, your game must be great. So make sure that you choose the right game dev company.

By the way, about the reviews! Make sure that you motivate users to rate the game and share their experiences. The higher the rating of the game in the store and the more positive comments, the more confidence it can inspire in new players. The main thing is that the reviews must be honest.

Update the description regularly to highlight the latest updates and features in the game. Also, be sure to check the texts and screenshots for relevance.

Landing Page

An effective landing page is another way to increase interest in your game. Unlike a product card, here, you will have a full-fledged space to attract attention. You can make a free version with a minimum of content or create a full-fledged website with bright animation and modern features. It all depends on your budget and time.

If you want your landing page to be as effective as possible, make sure it includes:

  • Links to the App Store and Google Play.
  • Exciting game trailer and gameplay.
  • Call to action + download bonuses.
  • Reviews from specialized publications, if you have them.
  • Links to your communities in social networks.

You can use this page to collect player contact information and make them subscribe to the newsletter. Or involve people in communities so that they are the first to know about updates. Such landing pages are especially relevant for projects that are still in development. If the game is not released on some platform, then you can collect players in the waiting list through a google form. Or give access to audience thought a closed test tool, for example Test Flight for AppStore. With their help, you can generate interest in the game even before the release. And don’t forget SEO optimization. Utilizing an seo checker like Serpstat can significantly enhance your game’s visibility online, ensuring that your promotional efforts reach the right audience through optimized web content and keywords, driving organic traffic to your game’s landing page or social media profiles.

Communities On Social Networks

It is a powerful tool for organic traffic. Create a Facebook group, Youtube channel, Twitter, Tik-Tok, or Instagram profile and use your creativity. You can attract players for free with viral content, memes, jokes, or colorful screenshots. If you create quality content that is fun and engaging, people will share it for free!

You can also use contests and activities to increase your social media reach. You can use in-game items and currency as prizes, which will be another magnet for attracting new players. Once you’ve won 500 gold coins, you probably want to download the game and see what you can spend it on, right?

Plus, there are many tools on social media to boost organic reach. Arrange a challenge, write posts on discussion topics – and then your publications will attract users without paid promotion.

Let’s Talk About Paid Methods

All the methods listed in the previous section are must-haves for promotion. They not only save the budget but also serve as a base for paid activities. If you have a high-quality landing page, a well-designed app card in the store, and a community on social networks, then you will have a place to direct your traffic. So, before launching Sponsored Ads, prepare a platform for your audience.

Target Ads

This is the easiest and most obvious way for mobile applications. A smartphone is always at hand. So users can go directly to the application page and download the app after seeing an ad on social networks. The shorter the customer journey, the more effective the advertising. The main advantage of targeted advertising is that you can select an audience by interest, use retargeting and study the portraits of your potential players.

Video Advertising Inside Games

Usually, mobile gamers play more than one game. So advertising some games within others is a very effective strategy. You can place an advertisement in a free version of the same game or use another game with similar mechanics and meanings. Alternatively, you can use your other projects for cross-promo.

Bloggers And Streamers

Twitch and other streaming services are becoming more and more popular. Today people can hear about the new game from the broadcasts of their favorite blogger or watch the walkthrough on YouTube. Find bloggers talking about games in your genre and request a review or ad.

Thematic Resources

And, finally, another way to promote is to order an article or post on a thematic resource dedicated to games. Online gaming publications and social media groups with an active audience will help you increase your reach and draw attention to your project.

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