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How much does it cost to make a mobile game?

Creative ideas are great. But when it comes to implementing them, you need to think about more practical things. For example, how much will the development cost? No one will tell you the exact price because there is no definite answer. It depends on factors that are constantly changing.

But we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Types of mobile games 

Before you get an answer about price, you need to create a game design document. It is a brief information about the future game, where the platform, gameplay features, levels, setting, art style, and plot are indicated. Details will vary depending on the development studio. But the general idea is the same: the game design document helps to understand how complex your game will be.

The more complex the game, the higher its price will be. We can divide all of them into four categories:

  • Mini-games
  • Mid-Level games
  • High-level games
  • AAA games

These categories help to navigate the complexity and cost. Once you have chosen the type of game, you can calculate an approximate price and form expectations.

Multiplayer games are usually expensive projects. Players need to interact with each other, and the game must simultaneously react to this. Here the server plays an important role, as well as rendering speed in PVP. All this requires complex functions and comprehensive support, so the development of such games is more expensive.

Small games usually have a simple design and laconic levels. But this does not mean that such a game will not gain popularity! If you want to tell a story or convey an idea, this format may suit you. There are many great projects in this sphere, especially among  indie games. However, if you want to integrate a payment system or add more progressive graphics to the game, you will have to increase the budget. And it will be a mid-level game. The more features, the higher the level and development cost.

And AAA projects are unique and use modern technologies. These are usually cutting-edge games that demonstrate progress and help the studio build a reputation.

Game development costs

As you already understood, there is no definite answer to the question. The cost of development is constantly changing. And what costs $100,000 today could cost twice as much tomorrow. And there is no upper bar in the price. When developing, you can focus on time. For example, a small project will take about 2000 working hours, and a large project 8000-10000 hours. By multiplying this number by the cost of working time, you can get reference points. If you want more information about the price of your project, please contact us!

Game development is a long and complex process. It includes many people: programmers, designers, project managers, testers, etc. Sometimes you need to improve ideas or add new functions. So it’s hard to calculate a particular price without all the details. 

At Stepico, we take a flexible approach. You can choose a convenient format and pay for the project, working hours, or personal team.

If you are planning a high-level project, we recommend starting with a prototype to assess the potential and minimize risks.

Factors that influence mobile game development cost

The cost of developing mobile games of any size depends on the complexity, time, and the number of specialists involved in the project. But within these general categories, some factors affect the increase or decrease in the price of a project.


2D games will be cheaper than 3D games with animations and visuals. The more complex and detailed the game world is, the more expensive it will cost. But don’t get upset. A beautiful picture is not everything. The success of the game also depends on addictive gameplay, a captivating storyline, and well-thought-out ideas. So if your budget is tight, there are always attractive options to be found

Multiplayer mode

If you want to create a game in which players interact with each other, you will have to increase the development budget. Multiplayer games are much more complex and require additional functions. A game with single-player mode will be cheaper in most cases.

Studio level

Novice developers may offer low prices, but they cannot guarantee the result. Pro studios will cost more, but you can expect the best quality of the project. Pay attention to games in the company’s portfolio. If the studio has already developed a similar project, it will cope with yours. Stepico develops games of all sizes: from small but attractive projects to amazing AAA games.

Testing and research

These two stages affect development costs. Research goes before development. Experts analyze the market, identify needs and draw up criteria for the current game. You can skip this stage if you are confident in your idea and sure that players will like it.

But you can’t skip quality assurance. Without time for it, we cannot guarantee the quality of the product. Errors and bugs can kill even the most promising project. You can bribe game reviewers and invest huge amounts of money in marketing. But when real players get the game, they will be disappointed. But bugs in the game do not mean that the developers did their job badly. There are technical problems even in the largest projects: remember, for example, Cyberpunk 2077.

Marketing for mobile games 

It’s not enough to create a good game. You also have to demonstrate all its advantages to the players. And this is where a good marketing strategy takes the stage. This part is no less important than development. And the budget for promoting the game is often even more than the cost of its creation.

Advertising will let the audience know about your game, and you will get a return on investment. So don’t skimp on promotion: always include marketing in the budget.

Game budget

So, how much does it cost to make a mobile game? There’s no certain answer. When planning your budget, make a game plan. What will be the format, graphics and genre? Will it be a multiplayer or single player game? How do you plan to monetize the project? With a specific brief, you can contact studios and define the budget.

You can also save time and contact Stepico with your idea. We will offer several options and a convenient work format. You just have to choose the scheme that suits you. Learn more about our services right now!

Choose Stepico and step into the future!

Andrii Titov - Chief Executive Officer
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