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Advantages of Unity mobile game services

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Unity is a cross-platform development environment, such legends as “N.O.V.A. Legacy”, The Room Two, and many others were created on this engine. Game Development with Unity is used to solve various tasks, but games are the main and most popular direction. Unity developers are in–demand specialists who can work in large companies or create their own products within startups. Developers Stepico is part of a large team in which each specialist oversees his own area of work. This is evidenced by our cases.

Unity mobile game development is the most promising direction in game development and the most growing according to Global Market Research 2022.

Why Unity 3D Game Development is the best choice?

More than 50% of games for mobile devices, PCs, and consoles are created on Unity. There are many platforms for creating games in the world, but Unity has always had a lot of fans. Unity allows you to create applications running on different platforms. 

Therefore, today the demand for Unity developers is high both in Europe, and abroad, and will grow every year. At the same time, specialists with Unity knowledge are also required in related industries, for example, to create three-dimensional animation and AR/VR.

Advantages for Unity game developer 

Amongst the software of game development, Unity remains a leader: it became a choice of 61% of developers. Our Lead Unity Developer, shares the advantages of the Unity update:

“A couple performances ago, Unity introduced a UI toolkit, which provides the occasion to produce one’s editor tools briskly. Specialists who mostly customize similar tools will find the update useful. 
For a while, the Unity platoon has been working to enhance the editor’s productivity. Scaled performance is one of the first achievements to help dock the time of duplications and give further openings to produce, not waste time in front of the progress bar. Some advancements concerning 2D have taken place as well. 
The new interpretation suggests other tools to dissect the productivity of the created games and non-gaming projects. These tools accelerate and ameliorate the exploration of weak places in the design and help find the results to enhance the last bones. Unity Team has also brought out amini-book on how to probe and ameliorate performance effectively.” – Volodymyr Stefanyshyn

  • A Unity developer can quickly gain the necessary knowledge in courses or independently.
  • The profession provides a high level of income.
  • A large amount of knowledge, which allows you to choose another field of activity at any time, which is somehow related to development.
  • The opportunity to cooperate with domestic and foreign clients.
  • Constant professional growth.
  • The developer has a chance to create his own game, as well as open an agency.

The main advantages of Unity are the presence of a visual development environment, cross-platform support, and a modular system of components.

Differences between Unity Development for Android and iOS

iOS Android Unity game development

When creating a game, there is a question of choosing a platform – Android or iOS. We are now going to figure out the difference between them.

Android game development with Unity

When creating a mobile game in Unity for Android, you will definitely need C# developers. Developers are also recommended to know Java or Kotlin because you will need native code to add functions and libraries that are not available in the Unity API.
The Android adaptation is done with the Android SDK, which can be installed in Unity.

iOS game development with Unity

iOS game development is similar to Android. Knowledge of the Objective-C and Swift languages is not required, but knowledge of them will be a big plus.

For adaptation, Apple also offers the iOS SDK, which can also be integrated with Unity.
It’s worth mentioning that you will need at least one machine with MacOS to build games for the iPhone, which is way different from Android, where you can build a game on any operating system.

Emulator programs are used to test the games. If this option does not suit you, you can buy several models of devices, choosing from those on which you want the application to be available. Looking at the financial side, the registration fee for developers is $99 ($299 for businesses). The company also charges 30% of most in-app payments. To monetize the app, you should use the standard Unity SDK or the specialized iOS StoreKit API.

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Unity mobile game development benefits 

First of all, as we have already mentioned, the Unity 3D engine makes it possible to develop games without requiring any special knowledge for this. Here, a component-oriented approach is used, in which the developer creates objects (for example, the main character) and adds various components to them (for example, the visual representation of the character and ways to control it).

Thanks to a convenient Drag & Drop interface and a functional graphics editor, the engine allows you to draw maps and arrange objects in real-time and immediately test the result.

Unity services for successful mobile game

Unity is the most popular game development platform in the world because it has created more than 50% of all mobile games, 60% of all content for augmented and virtual reality, and in Unity, developer is the seventh most popular profession according to a recent report by LinkedIn U.S. Emerging Jobs.

You can use the example of ready-made Unity Microgame templates. Each of the templates has its own collection of mod resources that allow you to effortlessly change the original template, simultaneously mastering the basics of game design, logic interactions, visualization, and much more.

Rely on a skillful game development company

Making your own game may seem difficult if you have never done it before and this is your first experience. The Stepico, on a daily basis, develops games on the Unity engine and provides extensive Unity game programming. Our development team follows all industry standards and best practices to ensure quality, and we are ready to help you create a game that will impress your users.

Trust our professional Unity game developers with in-depth knowledge of C# and .Net, and its integration into services such as AWS,, Photon, Forge Networking, and others. Contact us to discuss cooperation or your project. We will answer all your questions, bring your dream game project to life, and believe you will be impressed by the result.

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