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Stepico Transforms Game Ideas Into Actual Games By Going Above And Beyond: Andrii Titov

Stepico is a game development company committed to transparency, respect, passion, and quality. The company is dedicated to creating games that are both fun and progressive. Recently, GoodFirms interviewed Andrii Titov, the CEO of Stepico, where he highlighted the company’s dedication to excellence. Here is an excerpt from the interview for you to read.

Stepico is a European company with its headquarters located in Lviv, Ukraine. Additionally, it has offices in New York and Cyprus. The company focuses on providing comprehensive gaming solutions, forming trustworthy partnerships, and assisting clients in delivering top-quality entertainment to gamers.

The company boasts over 200 skilled professionals who have successfully worked on 65+ projects worldwide. They are mobile, PC, and console development experts, utilizing the power of Unity and Unreal engines. Stepico provides full-cycle game development services, including 2D/3D art production and live game operations. They also offer phase-by-phase development options.

Their exceptional mechanics and top-notch graphics, integrated with cutting-edge technology, contributed significantly to the gaming industry. As a result, they achieved a prominent position on GoodFirms’ list of top game development companies in Ukraine.

The GoodFirms team got an opportunity to interview Mr.Andrii Titov, CEO of Stepico, and learn more about the company and its values.

Let’s start the interview.

Stepico’s CEO Succinctly Expressed The Company’s Mission And His Position Within It

According to Mr. Titov, Stepico boasts a team of highly experienced professionals who have been instrumental in helping numerous aspiring game publishers achieve their dreams of publishing their games. The company launched its first product in 2014 and has been consistently improving its skills and scalability in the marketplace ever since.

As the CEO, he ensures that all business decisions align with the company’s vision and mission of providing quality services to its clients and a dynamic work culture for its employees. He is also accountable for ensuring product reliability and driving Stepico’s future growth.

An Effective Business Strategy And Exceptional Customer Service Can Offer Significant Competitive Advantages

Mr. Titov, the company firmly believes in working closely with their in-house teams and developing their talent. This business model enables them to take a proactive approach and understand the unique requirements of their clients, providing reliable consulting services that exceed their expectations.

Regarding competition, the company is dedicated to delivering the project with active guidance to reach the client’s goals and objectives. The team always conducts thorough researches of every client’s business vision behind the project to provide the consulting services correctly and ensure the deliverables are successfully delivered.

The company is committed to providing active guidance to its clients to help them achieve their goals and objectives in this competitive market. The team considers the client’s business vision behind the project to offer the correct consulting services and ensure the deliverables are successfully delivered.

The Stepico provides various levels of communication support to its clients worldwide. The project management team assists clients throughout ongoing projects and even after the release. Dedicated, accountable managers measure NPS and synchronize to address issues and provide the required support.

Stepico Is A Highly Experienced Company In The Gaming Industry That Provides Reliable Services

According to Mr. Titov, the company exclusively serves the gaming industry by providing video games, iGaming, or gamification infrastructure services. Their unyielding commitment enables them to provide exceptional service to clients globally, resulting in repeat customer retention ranging from 35% to 50%.

Stepico has a wide range of expertise in the gaming sector and offers the development of 2D and 3D games for various platforms such as mobile, PC, console. Among the most popular services that clients request are custom or full-cycle game development. This specialization helps clients with the entire process, from ideation to soft launch, hard launch, and even post-release support.

Below are a few reviews from GoodFirms that demonstrate how Stepico works closely with its clients.

The Payment Structure And Budget Requirements Of The Company

Mr. Titov discussed the company’s payment structure. He mentioned that Stepico offers a highly flexible and adaptable payment system, allowing clients to pay conveniently. The most commonly requested payment model is the fixed-cost payment, but the company also provides other payment structures based on specific client needs.

According to him, the company collaborates with businesses of all sizes. For art projects, the initial cost is between 3,000 to 5,000 USD, and for full-cycle projects, it ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 USD. The company also provides Revenue Share (RevShare) models, which allow them to work with clients by sharing profits or losses based on the product’s performance.

During the interview, Mr. Titov was asked about the minimum and maximum prices of their projects. In response, he gave the example of small projects for their US clients ranging from $10,000 to $1.5 million. He explained that the project’s cost depends on several factors, such as the client’s idea, target audience, genre, concept, and other requirements.

A Company Committed To Achieving Excellence In Its Future Endeavors

Mr. Titov shared his vision for the next decade. He explained that the company aims to continue its flexible business approach and build more client trust. The ultimate goal is to become the most reliable game development partner for large IP holders and own the Intellectual Property (IP), an essential element in the videogame industry. The company is consistently working towards expanding its services, such as publishing and LiveOps support, and is determined to pioneer in those fields.

The detailed interview is available on GoodFirms.

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