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Midjourney as an artificial intelligence system

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What is Midjourney AI-art?

In the 21st century, we don’t even notice how technology surrounds us and is present in every part of our lives. Smartphones, games, the internet, television, supermarket cashiers, or autopilot in cars. All this is created by people or artificial intelligence. Thanks to them, we are used to living in comfort and in a partially automated world. 

Creating games, cartoons, and art heroes is also a matter of technology. Midjourney AI-art is new artificial intelligence that will help you turn fantasy into reality. The neural network creates art with text. You give her the keywords, she gathers the information, and she creates a picture with it. These are completely new opportunities and unprecedented horizons for people from the art world.

How does Midjourney work?

The way this neural network works is that you say a set of words (a motif) that you want to see in the picture you’ve created. For example, “I want to see a sad and rainy city of cars” and get the most insane version of the city where cars have feet and emotions. You can see that one of the cars is sad, and the other is happy about the rain. 

Midjourney supposedly gives you the opportunity to reproduce your wildest desires into reality. Due to the fact that information about each word or part of the motive is collected from the Internet, the pictures are very realistic and, at the same time, insane. Sometimes it seems that if someone painted such a picture in our time, a person would be taken to a doctor.

What you need to know about Midjourney

Midjourney is a beta version that undergoes mass testing in free internet space. In order to gain access to intelligence, you must register on the official Midjourney website and receive invitations to use the beta version. It runs on the Discord platform, so you should take care of creating an account in advance. 

You can use the Discord Midjourney server to communicate with other people, search for ideas, help, or ready-made artwork through the bot. He is also responsible for setting up your own gallery. You send him your text tips, and in return, you get a set of artwork. You choose the one you like, in order to get it in the best resolution and quality. You can save pictures on your devices or distribute them directly to colleagues and friends.


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What are the drawbacks or potential threats?

The only problem is the Midjourney bot and its availability. Since it is one big server, your queries will be visible to other users of the bot. Here, the moment of privacy and identity of the idea is lost. 

You can solve this problem by buying a private subscription to the bot. In fact, nothing will change in its functional part, but your messages will become confidential and exist only in your private chat. You can create the craziest requests and not worry that someone will misunderstand you. The bot accepts any requests.

Midjourney Discoveries

Midjourney is a completely new and very interesting opportunity for artists, designers, illustrators, and many others to increase the art sophistication and flight of fantasy. Move away from the existing framework, come up with something new and crazy, and look at it from the outside. The bot will help you realize the wildest ideas in just a few seconds.

If you want to create something like this but on your own, you have the perfect opportunity to do so. Contact us and we will help you to develop everything in the best way so that you can be proud of your baby with a pure soul.

Choose Stepico and step into the future!
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