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Why game development companies choose Unity 3D engine

Unity Game Studios Take Over The World

Nowadays, Unity is one of the most popular game engines all over the world. As informed on the official Unity site, more than 50% of mobile games are developed on the Unity 3D engine. Also, the top 34% of AAA games made with Unity. Besides, there are about 28 billion installs of games on the Unity 3D engine, which is three times more than the world’s population! And this speaks of the incredible demand among users.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Wasteland 2, Rust, Albion Online — is a small list of games developed by Unity 3d engine. All of these games are so different, which shows the flexibility of the engine maybe this is the reason why the unity game studios choose it. But the Unity is not the holy grail, so below, we will talk about the main pros and cons that this game engine offers for unity development companies as for independent unity 3d developers. It will help you understand whether you should choose Unity or go to its competitors.

Pros Of Development With Unity

Unity has a Free version

It is the best choice for developers who want to make an indie game. Of course, Pro version has some benefits like 3D texture support and custom splash screen, but it still allows a chance for young unity 3d developers to create a game without the obstacle of price.  

Unity is multi-platform

If you pretend to make a game for more than one platform, Unity software is a good solution, IOS, Android, Mac, PC, Playstation, and much more. Porting with Unity is much easier.  

Unity 3D C#

C# and Javascript the most popular scripting languages and both of them using the Unity engine. Unlike Unreal Engine with its C++ C#, it is much easier and more convenient to use.  

High design

Unity engine has become so popular over the years that it allows developers to make a great design. Tons of versatile features which can help in creating dynamic and highly entertaining games. Also, Unity is a great choice for multiplayer games.  

2D or 3D

Most people think that Unity is good only for 3D, but Unity 4.3 brought new opportunities. Now this engine allows you to do unity 2D game development. From this version, you may use sprite animation, 2D physics, and lots more. “Cuphead” and “Ori and The Blind Forest” were developed on Unity and both of them were very successful game projects.

Cons Of Using Unity 3D Engine

Old graphics

Unity even though being a great game engine works on an older graphics engine and that makes Unity lack in terms of visualization compared to its competitors.  

Expensive license cost

Licenses are expensive to purchase, are around $1500-3000. It may be a big problem for independent developers.  

Technical obsolescence

An ancient version of Mono, bad Terrain engine and Movie Textures, and other technical flaws can make Unity experience negative.

In Short

Despite the cons, Unity is the most effective and efficient platform, at least, for mobile game development. That is not only our mention thousands of unity game studios, and independent unity 3D developers will agree with that. Also, this is indicated by the facts given above. Unity 3D engine is not perfect but for us, it is the best choice both for a newbie and an entrepreneur.

Our company has extensive experience in making unity AAA games. Contact us if you have questions or if you want to order the development of a game. We will try to answer any questions you may have.

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