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Complete guide to game art outsource

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Outsourcing is good for everyone. For professionals, it is an opportunity to work for companies from anywhere in the world. It is for corporations to minimize costs and attract the best professionals from all over the world.

But what is outsourcing and what interests customers in cooperation with studios?
Now we will figure it out.

Keys for game art outsoursing and how to get the best of it

What is Game Art Outsourcing?

Game outsourcing is the process of developing digital art for devices or games with the help of an outsider, not an internal team.

How is game development outsourcing different from game art outsourcing?

Game art is part of the game’s full development cycle.

How much is the outsourcing of gaming art?

The price always depends on its task, its scale, and its level of complexity. In general, budget outsourcing is more expensive than in-house production. Often, the rate may depend on the region where the customer comes from. For example, the average hourly rate for the same line of work in the US or Canada may be significantly higher than in Eastern Europe. However, the most important influence on the price is your knowledge and level of competence.

What is the difference between working with an outsourcing gaming company and a freelance artist?

The company has more organized work and proven specialists. It is clear that there are a lot of very talented freelancers, but with a large order, you will have to manage each separately and, in the case of something going wrong, independently look for a replacement. And the studio allows you to put the project in the hands of management and not worry; they will take care of everything.

How do you check the legality of the company?

Here you can help with their feedback from their previous partners. You can directly contact the managers of the company and ask them all about the cooperation.

Is the Game Art Studio and Game Art Outsourcing Studio essentially the same?

Yes, despite the many differences, they work in the same field—the production of digital art for video games.

Is outsourcing good for little indies?

Most studios offer their services to both large and indie companies. So yes, it makes sense to outsource to small studios because it helps to expand the production of existing mobile or computer games that require a constant stream of new content.

Are gaming outsourcing companies suitable in all areas of knowledge?

Most different companies specialize in a specific field: 2D, 3D, or animation. It is better to immediately know their key direction at the beginning of cooperation.

Do I need to call the studio periodically to see how the project is going?

Not desirable, but it depends on the mission. If you are aware that some steps require your approval, it is best to notify them immediately and notify yourself when everything is complete. The best start for any studio is to prepare a brief draft with all the necessary information. 

What is the best and fastest way to get an assessment for my project?

For the best result, you should immediately provide partners with a description of the entire project, consisting of a list of contents, an agreed description of all the necessary elements for the production of objects, their requirements, and, preferably, a style of art and a guide to the conveyor. In this way, you will speed up the work of the studio, and you will be able to provide a more detailed assessment and deadlines.


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What should be paid attention to at the initial stage of communication with the studio?

  • A few questions.
  • Lack of interest in the project.
  • Provide an assessment without any information.
  • Lack of feedback.
  • They very aggressively try to sell you the service.
  • A studio with good specialists and quality work will not do the above items.

What payment options are available?

Usually, these are the standard methods of payment: bank transfer via Payoneer or PayPal.

What else should I pay attention to?

It’s worth checking if the studio has a blog. There can be a lot of interesting information about the studio, its specialists, advice from them, and information about their experience.

Which studios can be recommended?

We prefer not to discriminate against our colleagues because all companies have their advantages and good specialists who know their field from “a” to “me”. If you want to know any information about the project, please contact us. We will explain everything in detail and simply.

Will they help put my game on platforms?

Yeah, the important thing is to ask.

Have you repeatedly wondered why the team works better as independent freelancers? The answer is simple.

It’s all about integrity. When people have been working together for some time, they get used to each other, learn the speed and weaknesses of each member of the team, and can, with this knowledge, accelerate and improve work. They all work together as one mechanism.

While freelancers are individuals who have never been acquainted with each other and do not always have the idea of how to work together.

In the creation of art, the team will work better due to its integrity and better interaction.

We are sure that now you understand what outsourcing is and how to communicate with the client and the company during the joint work. Stepico experts provide services for game art development and more. We manage different styles of outsourcing projects.

Contact us to discuss your project. We provide the best terms of cooperation.

Choose Stepico and step into the future!
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