Unity 3D development

Why Stepico is best with Unity?

We are a team of professional game-developers with extensive expertise in Unity. We specialize in midcore multiplayer games. Our team achieves great result by utilizing Unity’s architecture and features to bring together client code with protocol and backend solutions, which include:

  • Amazon AWS (including EC2, Aurora, RDS, ElastiCache and S3)
  • MS SQL, Postgre SQL, Mongo DB and Redis DBS
  • PUN, Photon Server and ASP.net

Our development team follows industrial standards, official guidelines and best practices to ensure quality, readability and accessibility of our solutions as well as codebase. We also have a wide range of in-house solutions tailored for Unity and multiplayer game development. These solutions were tested in many different projects and environments, proving to be modular, reliable and quick to integrate.

  • Expertise

    While narrowly specializing in Unity, our team has built up an impressive knowledge of the platform that is available for every client seeking our services. Years of working with Unity specific flavor of C# as well as integration into services like Amazon AWS, ASP.net and Photon server means that we can recommend the optimum combination of tech for any game.

  • Technology

    Our team use in-depth knowledge of C# and .Net to create highly optimized games, that integrate well with native plugins, game protocols and backend services we utilize.

  • Team

    Our team has a core that consists of game development industry veterans who have worked in gamedev for more than five years. They are responsible for many completed projects of different makeup including winners of Game of The Year awards.

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Why Unity?

Unity is unparalleled when it comes to cross-platform mobile development. With ability to use same code base to compile for most major platforms and an easy access to native features, tools and utilities via plugins, Unity allows for rapid and robust game development without sacrificing native platform-specific features.

Robust Asset Store, sprawling community and official support resources all contribute to speed and agility of a game development with unity.

  • Cross platform development

    Outsource game development often targes widest audience possible. With ability to compile game into native packages in iOS, Android (including Mi Store and Amazone Store out of the box), Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even WebGL for running in the browser Unity gives staggering felxibility without sacrificing performance or looks of the game developed with this engine.

    Access to native codebase allows easy way of expandind into platfor-specific functionality on any platform, covering the bases where custom game development might have fallen short otherwise.

  • Infrastructure and support

    Thriving community and forums are available to get 24 hour support for any game developer’s needs (be it assets, game art or cuetom scripts development). Official unity support services are available and reachable via e-mail, text services or official support page.

    Asset Store provides ready to use plugins, tools and art assets that can boost development speed or help create game prototype quicker and cheaper.

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