Mob-styled city builder mixed with CCG elements featuring with async multiplayer, raiding and clan mechanics.

Tech Stack

Unity 3D, C#, UGUI, Photoshop

Project Team

7 people: 3 developers, 2d and 3d artist, game designer, PM

Client goals

Revive old web game franchise by reimagening it as a mobile game, improving graphics and mechanics. Incorporating popular modern mechanics and approaches and using new technologies while preserving appeal and style of the franchise to retain old player base.

Stepico solutions

  • We prepared a small disposable prototype that showcased key mechanics and iterated it until the result surpassed expectations.
  • Having all the unique features outline with prototype, we completed a high-level game design document and art concepts to nail down the future look-and-feel of the game.
  • Right after, our tech team prepared the best suited technology stack for the project. This included HTTP-based protocol, due to async nature of the game and ASP.net based web platform for best possible integration between client and server parts of the game.
  • With all the preparation done, Stepico started carrying out the development.