Century Siege

Century Siege: TD Battles

Card collectible battle arena game with tower defense mechanics and synchronous pvp

Welcome to Century Siege: Tower Defense Battles!! Engage in Head-to-Head Battles in which you protect your base against contested lanes of enemies.
Find yourself helping legendary leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Julius Caesar battle against ancient foes of myth and magic!
Fight in battlefields such as Rome’s Coliseum and Olympus, while summoning heroes and monsters to siege your opponents!

Game Tech Stack
Client-side: Unity 3D, C#, UGUI, PUN2
Back end: ASP.net, C#, Photon server, AWS (EC2, ElasticCache, RDS(PostgreSQL), S3, etc.)


Watch The Century Siege Cinematic

Game Character - Tiki

Client Goals

Create AAA-grade mobile blockbusterin midcore genre, enter midcore market segment with technically sound product.

Find a partner that can bring together develepment, marketing, support, analytics and advise during preproduction, production, soft launch and postproduction phases of development and help bring game to the top grossing list.

Stepico Solutions

  • We analysed the references and prepared detailed scope for the preproductions stage.
  • During the scoping phase we statedd working with feature- and gamedesign and early balance.
  • Having the scope agreed we prepared the correct team, taking into account technical requirements and matching it with expertise of our developers.
  • At the same time we’ve prepared the technology stack that would be a best fit for project needs in terms of reliability, scalability and cost.
  • Developed phase one of the project, launched beta, helped carry out market research and analysis during beta run of the game.
  • Using gathered data helped plan out and scope out the pivot
  • Completed development of phase 2 and launched game in soft launch on 7 territories.
  • Helped carry out maketing campaign, market research and analysis during soft launch of the game.
  • Carried out global launch of the project and prepared team for post-launch support.
Game Character - Bomber

Client's Location


Austin, Texas

Stepico Team

4 Developers
3 Artists
QA team


working together since 2016

Benjamin H. Andre
President of Goober Games and New Century Applications

Our company and Stepico have maintained a close partnership for the past couple years and, since the inception of this relationship, they have always exceeded our expectations for a development team. The members of Stepico are all tremendously talented and, more importantly, personally engaged and invested in the project that we are building together. Over the course of this time, we began seeing Stepico as an extension of our team, rather than a typical service-based relationship.