“Alien 911” is a third-person realtime tower defense game with RPG and strategy elements.
Players must protect friendly alien planets from the onslaught of hostile alien bullies that roam the universe. They defend the helpless planets through a combination of direct combat with their weapon and also by using robots, towers, and traps.
The genre is action-tower-defense-rpg and can be played solo or with upto 4 players in co-op mode. What sets AD apart from other games in the genre is the unique alien environments and species, a unique blueprint-based crafting system that allows each player to truly customize their gameplay, and a variety of player roles, traps, robots, weapons that offer distinctive tactics.

Client's Location



Stepico Team

3 Developers
2D Artist
UI/UX Artist
2 x 3D Artist
Project Coordinator


working together since 2018

Tech Stack

Client-side: Unity 3D, C#, UGUI, PUN
Server-side: C#, Photon server,
ASP.Net mvc5 AWS (EC2, ElasticCache, RDS(PostgreSQL), S3, etc.)