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Our Projects

We pour love and devotion into every video game project we create. Our titles feature only five-star quality and are adored by millions of players around the globe. With us, your game will be presented alongside chart toppers of the industry. 

Take a look at our vibrant game development projects!

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Kinds of Projects

We offer the development of a wide variety of titles that will be available on all popular platforms. Our video game projects are meticulously tailored to work seamlessly on any platform of your choice.

PC & WebGL

A lot of our video game projects are available on desktops and browser platforms. We build top-notch video games that can be enjoyed on WebGL, Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.


We deliver game projects that run flawlessly on Android, iOS, and cross-platform. Our mobile games provide enriching player experiences on the go.


We make the most out of Unity and Unreal Engine to create compelling titles with innovative mechanics and vivid graphics for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.


Our video game projects are a perfect mix of high-quality graphics, fascinating mechanics, and cutting-edge technology, shaping into memorable games.

Some Interesting Facts About Us


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Technologies We work With

For our game development projects, we leverage only cutting-edge technology to ensure that your future game not only meets but consistently exceeds user expectations. Our tech stack is a powerful tool in creating avant-garde titles.

Why Stepico?

We are a broad team of 200+ professionals dedicated to making your future game a sensation. Working with us brings about a number of perks:

Reliable Partner

We are a trusted ally committed to your success. Our consistency and dependability can be backed by a vast list of major-league clients, like Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Gameloft, Outplay, Immutable, Yggdrasil, and others.

High-quality Solutions

We offer innovative game development solutions of the highest quality. Our experts employ only the best practices and modern approaches. With leading technology and top-tier talent, we make games that leave a lasting impression.

Full Spectrum of Services

We cover everything from 3D and 2D game development services to art production and even robust post-release support. Our versatility allows us to provide holistic solutions under one roof, letting you launch your game ahead of competitors.


What Size Companies Do You Work With?

Stepico supports diversity when it comes to choosing partners in game development. Using a flexible approach in collaboration, we eagerly work with both individuals seeking to create a dream game and well-established studios looking to expand their portfolio with new video game projects, Immutable, Yggdrasil, Gameloft, DreamWorks, Universal Studios, Outplay, and many others are among our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us and start working on your game idea together!

What Is Your Approach to Game Development, From Concept to Launch?

We scrupulously plan our work processes to ensure the development of a successful game for you. When working on video game projects, our team adheres to modern industry standards yet thinks outside of the box in order to introduce a solution with the potential to skyrocket. 


We follow a tried-and-true six-step process of game development:


  1. Research and Analysis: We start with sweeping research on a gaming market, analyzing current industry trends, client requirements, and other critical factors. This data-driven approach enables us to introduce a peak solution based on a newly generated concept or an adapted one. 
  2. Goal Setting: Our team defines objectives and discusses addressing potential challenges to prevent any future complications in the game development project. The game producer diligently tracks the project’s vision and business goals. 
  3. Production: Using the latest tools and technologies, our developers build the game adhering to all established criteria. They are committed to crafting titles with scalable and maintainable architecture, ensuring fast development cycles.

    Simultaneously, our art production team delivers unique art assets, whether 2D or 3D, that are guaranteed to captivate even the most discerning players. 
  4. Quality Assurance: Our QA team conducts thorough testing, providing comprehensive bug reporting and quality control to ensure your video game performs flawlessly. 
  5. Launch: When everything is ready, our DevOps team takes charge of timely builds and orchestrates the successful launch of your game on target platforms.  
  6. Support and Promotion: Post-launch, the marketing team works on global reach and effective user acquisition strategies, garnering significant attention for your video game. Analytics specialists closely monitor metrics and provide data-driven insights.

    Our game development and QA teams continuously address user feedback and implement updates to enhance the player experience and keep your game in the limelight for years to come. 

What Sets Your Video Game Projects Apart From Others in the Industry?

Games made by passionate experts from Stepico feature top-tier visuals, innovative mechanics, and unparalleled player experiences. Our team has a unique approach to each game project, ensuring that every title we create is the talk of the town in the gaming industry.

To sum up, unconventionality and high quality are what sets our titles apart from others. Why are we that confident in the quality of our games? Our professionals pride themselves on their deep industry knowledge and 9+ years of experience developing robust gaming solutions and creating fine art.

Let’s back our claims with real examples. You can check out our latest game development projects:


  • Guild of Guardians – a mobile RPS blockchain-based game;
  • Loaded Lions – a tycoon simulator powered by Cronos;
  • Nile Valley – a mobile antique-themed farm game;
  • MetaPopit – a multiplayer escape room game;
  • Fishing Rival – a mobile fishing simulator;
  • Discovery – a sci-fi first-person shooter with cinematic experience.

How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Game Development Projects?

Our quality assurance team leaves no stone unturned in making your game ready to hit the market. Your title undergoes numerous testing techniques and strategies to ensure a seamless, bug-free experience for players. Here are some of the strategies we employ:

  1. Ad-Hoc Testing: This strategy allows us to spontaneously test and identify bugs, typically unseen during the traditional testing process, by running numerous edge-case scenarios.  
  2. Compatibility Testing: We perform thorough testing on various devices, operating systems, and consoles to ensure your game is fully compatible with all screen sizes, software, and hardware. 
  3. Performance Testing: Our experts test for frame rate stability, load times, and optimize resource usage for your title to run seamlessly on various hardware configurations and platforms. 
  4. Functionality Testing: We examine the game’s core functionality, detect any defects, errors, or bugs, and ensure such aspects as visuals, audio, texts, and various game modes are working as they are supposed to. 
  5. Progression Testing: Using this method, our testers attempt to complete the game sequentially, without any interruptions, to identify any freezes or crashes caused by scripting errors. 
  6. Regression Testing: We continuously test the game after each update or change to prevent the introduction of new issues or the breakage of existing functionality.

This is just a pinch of abundant testing techniques we use to make sure your game development project is polished and ready to conquer the gaming world. Our meticulous approach to testing is key to delivering exceptional player experiences without any technical hindrances. 

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