Clients About Us

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients.

Janek Skoglund

CEO, Preystudios

It’s really great pleasure to work with Stepico. Efficient and professional team, they got up to speed and got a good understanding of the project real quick.

“Stepico Games proved to be a professional company with a strong expertise in
game design. The client considers their main strength is that they honor deadlines.
They also gave good estimates for how long things would take and has done the job

Niklas Malmqvist

CEO, Lekis AB. Babyloonz Brand

"Our company and Stepico have maintained a close partnership for the past couple years and, since the inception of this relationship, they have always exceeded our expectations for a development team. The members of Stepico are all tremendously talented and, more importantly, personally engaged and invested in the project that we are building together. Over the course of this time, we began seeing Stepico as an extension of our team, rather than a typical service-based relationship."

Benjamin H. AndrePresident of Goober Games and New Century Applications