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Unreal Engine Developer

About Stepico

Stepico is a team of enthusiasts who are in love with their work. Each employee of our company is passionate about games, and a friendly atmosphere always reigns in our team. We are expanding our team and looking for a talented and experienced Unreal Engine Developer to lead the development of our upcoming AAA First-Person and Third-Person Shooter games. 

Our company values

  • Passion for games;
  • Creating innovative projects;
  • A policy of open communication;
  • Strong appreciation of your performance;
  • Competence development;
  • Comfort and well-being of our employees.


  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in game development with Unreal Engine;
  • Proficient in C++ and experience with Unreal Engine’s source code;
  • Demonstrated experience with character and animation blueprints within Unreal Engine;
  • Strong understanding of animation retargeting techniques and tools;
  • Experience with AI Blackboard and Behavior Trees in Unreal Engine;
  • Proven track record of developing multiplayer games, preferably FPS or TPS;
  • Familiarity with Linux server environments and building scalable server solutions on AWS;
  • Knowledgeable in AWS game development tools, such as DynamoDB, Cognito, and GameLift;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment;
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think creatively;
  • English: B2.

Personal characteristics

  • Communication & collaboration;
  • Flexibility;
  • Decision making.

Main Responsibilities

  • Design and implement character and animation blueprints for high-quality character behaviors and animations;
  • Develop and maintain Linux-based server builds on AWS, ensuring optimal performance and scalability;
  • Integrate and manage AWS services including DynamoDB for database needs;
  • Cognito for user authentication, and GameLift for session-based multiplayer games;
  • Write robust C++ code and work within Unreal Engine’s source code environment to develop game features;
  • Apply expertise in animation retargeting to adapt animations to different character models without loss of quality;
  • Utilize AI Blackboard and Behavior Trees to create compelling and challenging AI for both NPC and enemy characters;
  • Build the core mechanics for FPS and TPS games, including player movement, shooting mechanics, and game state management;
  • Collaborate closely with art, design, and other development teams to bring game concepts to life;
  • Optimize game performance across various platforms, ensuring a smooth player experience;
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies in gamedevelopment. Chaos Physics expertise;
  • Line tracing and damage hitbox workflows;
  • Dynamic scoreboards and data flow in game;
  • Ability to collaborate with UI designer.

How will you grow professionally with Stepico

Professional growth with Stepico will be marked by a comprehensive deepening of Unreal Engine expertise, mastery of C++ programming, proficiency in Linux server builds, hands-on experience with AWS services, and a dedicated focus on FPS and TPS genres. 

What will you get with Stepico

  • Competitive salaries are regularly reviewed based on professional growth;
  • Flexible working hours and remote working;
  • 18 working days of paid time off;
  • 5 paid sick leaves (without doctors notes);
  • Life event support system (extra paid days off and financial compensation);
  • Physical activities: basketball, football, yoga, massage;
  • English classes;
  • Art classes;
  • Compensation for external conferences/ workshops/ events;
  • Full employment;
  • Fun corporate events.
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