Senior System Administrator

About Stepico 

Stepico is a team of enthusiasts who are in love with their work. Each employee of our company is passionate about games, and a friendly atmosphere always reigns in our team. We are constantly growing, following the latest trends in the industry, and creating innovative projects. And our secret is in careful attitude to each employee.

Our company values

  • Passion for games;
  • Creating innovative projects;
  • A policy of open communication;
  • Strong appreciation of your performance;
  • Competence development;
  • Comfort and well-being of our employees.

Our Technology Stack

  • Сomputing: Hetzner, Proxmox, Baremetal, Docker (and a bit of Kubernetes);
  • Server OS: Debian Linux family, various Macos and Windows;
  • User OS: Windows, Macos, Linux, ChromeOS;
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Ubiquiti.


  • 5+ years of experience in System Administrating or similar positions;
  • Took a place in security audit (preferably ISO27001 or similar); 
  • Experience in working on infrastructure planning, designing, and purchasing;
  • Ability to design and implement scalable and secure infrastructure solutions;
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting abilities for resolving complex technical issues among people efficiently;
  • Extensive knowledge of Atlassian products;
  • Implementation and optimization of network segmentation strategies, enhancing security and improving overall network performance;
  • Implementation of advanced traffic shaping and Quality of Service (QoS) policies to achieve optimal network utilization and meet performance objectives;
  • Designed and implemented scalable network architectures to accommodate business growth, ensuring seamless expansion without compromising on performance or security;
  • Debugging and troubleshooting processes and services across OSs or VMs;
  • Extensive knowledge of corporate network setup, maintenance, security, and troubleshooting of office corporate components.

Will be a plus

  • Mobile device management;
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or similar technical specialization;
  • Ubiquiti setup experience or certification;
  • Office 365, Zoho, or Google Workspace extensive experience;
  • Network/Security certification (Cisco, Juniper, or similar).

Personal Characteristics

  • You love tackling tricky tech puzzles and excel at finding solutions, even when the pressure is on;
  • Your eye for detail ensures our systems run like clockwork, with no room for errors;
  • Adaptable and keen to learn, you stay ahead in the ever-changing tech world and drive improvements;
  • You’re great at explaining complex tech in simple terms and collaborating seamlessly with teams;
  • You’re not waiting for issues to arise; you’re proactive in system care and security;
  • Juggling tasks and deadlines is your forte, ensuring our systems are always up and running;
  • You’re a fantastic collaborator, sharing knowledge and fostering a positive team spirit;
  • Keeping meticulous records helps us learn and grow, making you an invaluable asset;
  • Integrity and responsibility are second nature when handling sensitive data;
  • Tech evolves, and so do you. You’re committed to staying on the cutting edge.

Main Responsibilities

  • Support: Assist employees and customers with device and OS issues (MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS), and manage Google Workspace and MDM queries;
  • Sprint Participation: Engage in small sprints, successfully executing Epics from start to finish;
  • Process Adherence: Follow IT procedures, Scrum ceremonies, and Help desk guidelines, ensuring smooth IT operations;
  • Communication: Communicate professionally in English and Ukrainian, both in writing and verbally;
  • System Management: Monitor systems, promptly manage incidents, and handle PC deployments, decommissions, software installations, and de-installations;
  • Device Management: Manage devices and peripherals effectively to support operational needs.

Will you grow professionally with Stepico

Our employees’ professional development is one of our corporate culture’s priorities. Therefore, we support in every way the certification, mentoring, and various training of our staff.

What will you get with Stepico

  • Competitive salaries are regularly reviewed based on professional growth;
  • Flexible working hours and remote working;
  • 18 working days of paid time off;
  • 5 paid sick leaves (without doctors’ notes);
  • Life event support system (extra paid days off and financial compensation);
  • Physical activities: basketball, football, yoga, massage;
  • English classes;
  • Art classes;
  • Compensation for external conferences/ workshops/ events;
  • Full employment;
  • Fun corporate events.

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