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About Stepico

Stepico is a team of enthusiasts who are in love with their work. Each employee of our company is passionate about games, and a friendly atmosphere always reigns in our team. We are constantly growing, following the latest trends in the industry, and creating innovative projects. And our secret is in careful attitude to each employee.

Our company values

  • Passion for games;
  • Creating innovative projects;
  • A policy of open communication;
  • Strong appreciation of your performance;
  • Competence development;
  • Comfort and well-being of our employees.


  • 5+ years of active work experience or employment in IT/Program development specialty, specifically in high-load backend solutions and algorithm creation;
  • Strong proficiency in C# 7-12 and new features provided by them;
  • Experience with .NET 6-8;
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs, web services, WebSockets(SignalR), N-tier applications and Microservices;
  • Knowledge in parallel programming (TPL, PLINQ, Multithreading, Synchronization Primitives);
  • Experience with Serverless technologies AWS Lambda Functions, etc;
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and NoSQL (Redis) databases;
  • At least an Intermediate level of English;
  • Willingness to work with an on-site team of specialists and direct communication with the customer.

Databases We Use:

  • PostgreSQL;
  • Redis;
  • MemCached.

Personal Characteristics

  • Communication: be able to communicate blockers and issues on time, be active in different team activities, clearly and understandably share your vision;
  • Teamwork: be able to collaborate with different people in a team, understand all roles and responsibilities inside the team, be positive and polite to others, and be open to supporting other team members;
  • Responsible: be responsible for the implementation and result of your tasks, be able to deliver work efficiently and effectively, and have enough experience to decompose and estimate your scope of work;
  • Work ethic: commitment to upholding organizational values, policies, and procedures. Punctuality, reliability, accountability, and ethical conduct are required. The ability to work with integrity, flexibility, and adaptability are preferable.

Main Responsibilities

  • Work with AWS cloud hosting (Amazon Web Services);
  • Being able to optimize queries and work with a large amount of data in databases is a plus;
  • We also pay attention to the knowledge of algorithms and the ability to solve logical problems;
  • All projects are in the .net ecosystem, with Unity on the client side, there is a common logic for the server and the client, which accelerates the development and stability of the project.

How will you grow professionally with Stepico

  • Our employees’ professional development is one of our corporate culture’s priorities. Therefore, we support in every way the certification, mentoring, and various training of our staff;
  • Regular development meetings where you can sync with peer and senior developers and discuss our work, solutions, and future improvements;
  • Ability to work on an internal toolchain. Whenever you see the ability to improve, extend, or add to our solutions, all sound ideas are welcome to be incorporated;
  • Ability to influence projects – we are a dynamic and young team. Any grounded changes and improvements to the project, and any discussion with your experienced colleagues are welcomed and will be incorporated according to the team’s feedback.

What will you get with Stepico

  • Competitive salaries are regularly reviewed based on professional growth;
  • Flexible working hours and remote working;
  • 18 working days of paid time off;
  • 5 paid sick leaves (without doctors notes);
  • Corporate medical insurance;
  • Life event support system (extra paid days off and financial compensation);
  • English classes;
  • Compensation for external conferences/ workshops/ events;
  • Full employment;
  • Fun corporate events.

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    Our team achieves great result by utilizing Unity’s architecture and features to bring together client code with protocol